Rough patch

Lurker, first time poster in here, but things have gone to shit lately with just about everything…

Been a while since I had any game and me and this girl hit it off when we were out about 4-5 weeks ago, known her for months but never really tried. Well that night it worked well, ended up ending an 8 month dry spell or so and fucked like monkeys…Same went over the next 2 weeks or so, we hung out alot, went out, talked about a lot of stuff, went out with each others friends, etc…So…week 3-ish we end up having sex and the condom breaks, Plan B ensues, period this past weekend and she starts a new job that’s going iffy so in general she was just blah, down…

Anyways, fast forward to last Wednesday, we go out with a few friends, she ends up leaving me at about 3am in the morning with a key to her place so she can go to some afterhours place with some guy ‘friend’. I was pissed b/c of the way she did it, but didn’t lash out or anything…Next day we talk about it, grab eats and go our separate ways for guys/girls night out. We talk the next day before she goes to work and when she heads out for the night Fri with plans to meet up at some point. Last I hear from her…I left her a few vm’s, texts, phone calls and I get no response back at all, like nothing….but her myspace logged on yesterday and I messaged her there with no response.

Literally nothing, no feedback, zilch…I’m pretty sure she messed around with dude from Wednesday and won’t return my calls b/c she knows she fucked up a good thing But it fucked me up a bit b/c I’ve never had it happen and for once in a long time things were actually looking up and I was enjoying things

What do I do? No use forcing the matter, but she won’t even respond back to my texts simply asking if she is alive (her phone isn’t dead I know that) and I text her saying I was genuinely worried about her well being. Help me
I think you are approaching it as well as you can. You texted, called, left a voicemail or two, and messaged her on MySpace. She KNOWS you are there and that you would like to continue to see her. It is now basically just up to her whether she replies ever or not…I think you have done all that you can do really. Sorry for not being able to help but I think that is the truth.
Heard back from her….

Good and I know, I could see it all coming together and unfortunately it wasn’t getting much better, sorry

American Male is where Lauren is working, right? If so hope it goes well and hopefully things pickup at Eli’s place and get better. You of all people deserve it.

I have no reason to be mad about ‘us’ really, I could already see that you had many other things to worry about late last week and you just didn’t seem there (I’m sure you know what I mean). It happens but you need priorities in life, looks like you set them, now just follow through. Just don’t be a Jeff () and make people like me worry, because for someone who actually cared about you, it sucks to be left completely in the dark. You know I’ll always be here for you, anytime and for anything, I hope at the very least you realized that.

I expect to see you soon, don’t be a stranger and get your shit straight! Then give me a call (or if you need anything)!

Response back, definately

Time to go find my game!

Thankx for understanding..i really have been a jerk 2 u and u dont deserve that..i really feel bad that if i get this new job at american male (and yes lauren got a job there) that i will have to quit working for eli cuz he really is awsome..but i cant afford to stay and not make am male i will get 10$ per hr plus retail commision and its where rich fuckers go so they will tip well..and yes we can still hangout and be friends…all my friends like u..and i hope u dont get strep..but if u do im sorry bot that..i thought my life was gettin better when i chose 2 move to city but it actually got worse..i blame jeff for alot of that..just call me later if u want


It’s all good, unfortunately I’m sort of used to it, Dan and Vicki call me the ‘Nice Guy’ for a reason :O But this was definitely a different situation. More then anything I think we had some kind of connection even on a level of just chillin…so I’m sure we’ll hang out, besides I always had an interesting time with Mike and crew!

Like I said before, look up and things will get better, they always do even though you may not think so at the time. Unfortunately certain people like Jeff hinder that getting better, but I suppose it’s for the good b/c we would have never met then!

Hopefully you get the job there then, sounds like a sick deal with someone who knows how to actually run a business, ha. I’ll be calling on you to cut my hair for sure! Think I’m good with the strep, just think Eoin’s smoke is killing me!

I’m working late b/c of shithead tonight, but I’ll give you a buzz later this week just to say wassup and to make sure you kick Brad in the ass for me. G’luck!

i would’ve approached it a bit different, but the situation is what it is, so there’s nothing you can really do other than accept it, move on, and stick to your word.

There’s a bit of a back story there, just wasn’t relevant at the time that adds some info

either way it is what it is now

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