Deception & Online Dating – Please Read

I am doing a senior research project on deception in the online dating community. Mainly this is for those that have used or use online dating websites such as,, and the like. Facebook & Myspace do not count as official online dating/matchmaking sites for this survey.

Please take a few minutes out of your day to complete this annonymous survey if you have used or still continue to use online dating/matchmaking sites.

If you know others that use these online resources for dating, please forward this link along to them. Again, this survey is 100% annonymous.

Thank you for your honest participation.

I’ve never used any of these sites, but I’m wondering why the survey asks about omitting information.

you couldn’t actually list every single detail, it’s not possible.
That’s okay. Questions are pointed toward proving/disproving my hypothesis. answer them any way you can. If you haven’t ever deceived others, don’t feel forced to answer any way you feel you can’t.
my impression of those sites is that women lie all the time. Sometimes big and sometimes small but typically they do it because they know they’re not the best of the best or they wouldn’t be on that site
Thats actually a really good idea. Could someone please move this there?

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