dealing with cokeheads that for some reason you call your friend

to make a very long story as short as possible;

last august i moved to be with a gf. things didnt work out. i moved back. instead of moving back home i called up my friend who i knew was living by himself. i have known this guy for about a year and a bit up to this point.

move in to a kinda shithole apartment. the things i owned furnished the apartment. desks, tables, tv, etc. no couch. well my stupid ass decided to go out and buy a couch. dropped $1800 on that. 8 months no interest no payment.

we made a verbal agreement that he would pay me back for it. i lived at the apt. for 4 months. couldnt handle it, said fuckit, and moved back home. left the couch with him. assuming that he was actually the nice guy that i knew i believed he would pay me back.

8 months pass and no money ever ended up in my hand. 9 months i finally got a payment from him. that was in june. it is now october and i am paying for it myself.

he got fired from work (we worked together) the second week of august. his drugged out brain then for some reason got the impression that my boss and i teamed up to get him fired. he didnt talk to me for 2 months. now he is talking to me again and everything is back to normal. except for the money issue.

the guy is a compulsive liar. i met up with him early last week. he tells me he got a job up north to work. 2 weeks in 2 weeks out. sounded pretty serious about it . goin up thursday to start working. he calls me monday and asks me what im going to be doing later. well ill be in an out of your part of the city. we should meet up and smoke one or something. way to lie through your teeth again about something. your dumbass is supposed to be up north working right now you fucking post.

he calls me this morning to have a bullshit. well the guy he was living with up until the end of august threw out all of his stuff on him. he didnt want to come by and get it, and his roommate didnt want it left around his place. after sitting on all of it for a month he threw it out. now my druggie friend wants his shit, so i gotta play middleman for this one as they cant get a hold of each other and figure that out.

he then goes on to tell me that he isnt working as far north as he thought he was gonna be. hes just 2-3 hours north, still can come back to the city for a couple days here and there. i call fucking bullshit. why the fuck would any company up north hire a hd mechanic that doesnt even have his fucking first year under his belt.

im getting beyond pissed off about this now. ive given him the benefit of the doubt too many times. ive sat on it for too long without having anything happen. i want my fucking money. ive got my shit together. i have a good job, i pay all my bills, etc. i just happen to be friends with an alcoholic cokehead who cant get his shit together.

now either i give him the benefit of the doubt one more time and actually hope he is working and making some good coin in the hopes that he gives me my money within the next month. i know he isnt though.

i have two options on how to get back what is mine, one way or another. i know where he is living now (address). i know where my couch is. on the other hand, i know where he is working now and where his toolbox is. he owes a substantial amount of money to my snap-on dealer and snap-on credit. i can work with my tool dealer (they can be shady when it comes to people owing them money). he doesnt know where to go to repo his tools that havnt been payed for in 3-4 months. i do.

my question is, based upon what i said above, what direction should i go with this to get back what is mine? i dont need a couch. i just want my fucking money.
To use an old proverb, when you lend money to your friend you tend to lose both items.

I say cut your losses and move on. It ain’t worth the stress.

Also, by being a ‘friend’ to the guy, you are also enabling him. He needs to be smacked over the head by cold hard reality, instead of being given a sympathetic ear.

Who knows, he might learn from his mistakes and maybe in a few years time he’ll have cleaned up his act and maybe become responsible enough to pay you back.
Your best bet is to just get the couch and resell it. Your never going to see a dime from him, this is all verbal agreements.

Go get the couch and resell it to get back some of what is yours. The rest your probably going to have to take as a loss.
The couch is giving your ‘friend’ a lot of trouble, he’s in a weak financial situation unable to ‘ever’ pay you back. Meanwhile your stressing out because as the other old saying goes ‘ you can’t pluck feathers from an empty chicken’ , and beating a dead horse is useless, any money he does have goes on weed,alcohol or other drugs. Of course you could demand it or money back.

But you don’t want the couch, and your not going to get any money, unless you resell it. Its an extreme amount of stress on your side, and because your not getting your money any time near soon, i myself personally would just not want to go thru all that stress and hassle and just give the couch away. It might be one month in loss of what you have to work for it in your paycheck, but the amount of misery the thing is giving you if you continue to be angry over it for such a prolonged time is probably going to make you die 3years earlier, in other words its not worth it.
The whole teaming with your boss thing is bullshit, he just knows that he doesn’t have to pay you now.

Honestly the only way to deal with a coke head is with a mask and a gun, seriously.
at least since you have a loan in your name you should be able to take the couch, bring a policeman to the door with you if you must

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