Never bang a chick from your office Cliffs inside

I been nailing this rican chick from work on and off for the past 6 years from my office. Make a short story short, she would string me along and we would both play games the entire time.

Anytime I would walk away and ignore her, she’d try to find some way to open a dialoge back up with me and the whole process would repeat. Finally, I got sick of this whole shit and suspected she was with someone and I really dont care to be honest. So I completely cut her off, blocked IM, the works..

then she see me outside and shes with her gf and looks at me and starts a conversation with her gf saying that shes getting married but theres so many problems within ear shot of me, i just laughed and walked away.

a few weeks from then, I got balloons sent to me at my work from my GF and she saw them since we sit pretty close to each other.

The very next day, get this, she throws herself a engagment announcement party for herself at work wtf??? who does that???

Im wondering if I should look for a new job cus im getting sick of the drama, we bump into each other in the halls and i say hi and really feel comfortable and dont care, but she looks at the floor and for a rican turns red as a tomato Moral of the story kiddies, don’t shit where you eat…
Don’t stick you pen into the company.

Many people i know got fired, the golden rule is to strictly seperate bussiness from private, otherwhise you’re bound to get in trouble.

Also a kind reminder that this is the Asylum, an emotional hide-out. As such personal attacks will not be tolerated.
have you thought about…maybe she IS GETTING MARRIED
and you’re in denial?
you’re both too immature to be dating/getting married.

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