I feel horrible. Im angry and mad but not at the point of doing anything stupid to myself but for the last couple weeks nothing I have done has made me feel any better.
I love soccer and I would play it every day and was in the middle of high school season when I, of course, tear my ACL…so i got surgery and ever since I miss playing and just being able to walk normal and hang out with the guys again..I even had to miss homecoming because I of course couldnt dance. My rents felt bad so they bought me a xbox 360 and Ive been playing madden and the new FIFA a lot, which is fun but I cant find a way past feeling so bad .. I feel horrible because I dont feel like I am an actual person anymore .. I feel like everything is going wrong and I cant get in a good mood…recurring for a few weeks now.. I think i just want to cry

How long ago did you tear your ACL? I played soccer for most of my life and knew a handful of people who tore their ACL’s and were raring to get back in the game. They too said it was harder to play but they still played and still loved it. You can still play (eventually if you aren’t healed yet) too. Missing homecoming is not a big deal, trust me. You’ll have numerous other dances you can go to and forget about 10 years later.
You have this problem because you’ve put all your money on one horse ‘namely soccer’ this is a ‘one bet’ situation, the moment ‘something goes wrong with your soccer carreer’ its all over for you..

I advice you to lay your life on at least 3 things, so that when in a horrible event soccer falls away, you have another hobby or goal in life to hang onto.

I’ve also had it that i put all my money on helping people which i love most, but i got diseased because i didn’t take care of my own life, and because my sole reason of life was taken away from me i’d attempted suicide.

I know now that was ‘not’ the way to go, clinging your life on one goal is wrong because when the gods strike down on you and you run out of luck, what are you going to do?

So its ‘ok’ to have soccer as a main goal in your life, but you need to ‘back your life up’ with other things. Wether its bowling, tennis, or constructive professions like programming , carpeting, engineering, i know you’d rather have soccer, however don’t allow yourself to fall in the same trap of depression as i did, i had nothing in life exept helping people,anything else wasn’t good enough and made me feel miserable. Now i’ve learned to see pass that and think ‘there’s more to life then helping people ‘ , you’ve also got to think like ‘there’s more to life then just playing soccer ‘, the world will continue to spin even if you can’t play soccer anymore, this is gutwrenching to swallow, but its better to allow yourself some time to accept this, and adapt to at least 3 other professions or hobbies, then to suffer when soccer falls away. Try to spread your risk, bet on 3 horses instead of 1, that way you’ll have something to look forward to, instead of looking down when 1 horse dies. this is me speaking out of true life experience, it was as hard for me to accept as for you to not having to play soccer, i now have more things that i can life forward to see and do.

One more advice, take care of your body and give your body all the time to heal, and be carefull with playing soccer, its really prone to get your body injured, so don’t make all too much of sudden moves that will rip everything apart again.

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