Support group forum?

I wasn’t sure where to post this but thought here would be a decent place. My life has recently took a poor turn of events and they’re slowly stacking on top of them. I would post my true feelings/life situations here but they are not safe here and I get made fun of for them. Is there any kind of Support Group forum or something like that? Maybe one directed more towards cancer patients?

I have a long history of why my life is sucking right now and now cancer? Really? One time wasn’t enough? Does the power above (not sure if it is God or whoeve) really hate me that much?

Mmm I purposely didn’t post it here for a reason. Oh well.

Flamesuit on.

I’ve been asking myself that a lot over the last few days, and I’m sure I’m not even experiencing half the things you are. I don’t think I can relate
You can PM Darketernal and he’ll post it for you.

Anonymous Posting

Its easy just PM your thread + thread title to me Darketernal , and i will post it anonymously for you. In the same way you can send anonymous replies too.

I don’t want to anonymous post, I just think OT doesn’t have what I want/need. I found some other sites though.

In case anyone else is in need.
sorry dude, I thought you were asking if there was a support forum on OT. It didn’t specify and I thought I was helping

next time just pm me before you make the thread, and we will work something out so it will fit more exactly within the scope of LAOT. I really thought I was doing what you wanted

but while we are here, do you mind explaining why you weren’t comfortable with posting it in this sub forum? I mean, it is the support forum of OT…. I am sure that Darketernal would be interested in the feedback.

I don’t post as much as I should because too much shit ends up in the main forum.

i really should PM Darketernal and make anonymous post; but i never sit down and write one
It seems lots of people think what I say in here is funny and repost it elsewhere, 1/2 the time I make a thread asking for help I get people either hating on me for what I’m doing or bullshit replies so I just delete the thread, and I also am looking for a close-knit support group where I can help others with there struggle with cancer and whatever else is in their life and they can help me. Nothing wrong with The Asylum here, I like it a lot and post here often, either looking for help or helping others, but I dunno…I guess I’m looking for a new opinion from a broader age/knowledge range. I will probably C&P my threads from there to here though just to see if any different/new info comes up here.

A) Who gives a crap what people may copy into the main? You don’t know them, they don’t know you, it’s not going to affect your life.

B). You’re probably NEVER going to find a place where every reply is "there there, everything will be OK, we love you forever and ever". People will ALWAYS give some constructive criticism…part of growing from a situation is being challenged. Unless you are challenged in some way, you’re not being active about the situation. Aforementioned "feel good" support group won’t actually help you change anything. It will just make you dependent on the forum.

C) You’re not the only one who deletes their threads when they don’t get the responses they expect. It happens here all the time. It makes me sad, people get so worked up over the fucking internet that they run away from advice…what would they do if someone actually told them it in person?
Well for an example I made a post about getting food stamps and I received basically 0 good replies, and about 20 telling me to go get another job, stop being a leach and all other kinds of stuff. I don’t want to hear "there there, everything will be OK" type crap either, I know that won’t help. I know that some criticism is needed because obviously I’m doing something wrong most of the time and need it to be corrected. I dunno…
I’ve been wanting to form a support group irl in my local area for neuro patients.

I know how important it is to have people who can relate. Anyone who doesn’t put up with debilitating/traumatic health crap aren’t any help if they want to spout advice. Makes me want to beat the crap out of people … argh …

Anyway, I’m in for support networks. Regardless of what the topic is, I at least encourage the idea.
I would prefer to find a real life support group but don’t even know how to look for one. I think talking about it not through a keyboard helps a lot more. The only issue I see is when I talk about emotional things my throat gets knotted up very easily and I can no longer talk.

I shared my story on the cancer forum though and will continue to blog it with updates.

I would prefer to find a real life support group but don’t even know how to look for one. I think talking about it not through a keyboard helps a lot more. The only issue I see is when I talk about emotional things my throat gets knotted up very easily and I can no longer talk.

I shared my story on the cancer forum though and will continue to blog it with updates.

I don’t get to talk w/people much ’cause I’m home all the time. When I get a chance to unload people are like . It’s just too much! I keep it all pent up most of the time & it’s more than anyone wants to hear about.

Only other people with similar problems seem to be able to take it since they crave the ability to relate on that level.

& I knoiw about the throat knotting up. I don’t even know if I’d be able to speak at all in front of a group of people … I collape if I get all emotional. Damn it. Totally not conducive to self help.

Cancer support groups should be more plentiful than the neuro ones – I think …

Where would I go about looking? I’m kind of alone here at school with no one to talk to regarding the topic and it sucks. At least when I was a kid I had my family, friends and tons of people surrounding me in a positive way. Now I don’t really have any of that and going through the process again alone is a scary thought.
Have you poked around craigslist? There could be something on there. Possibly. If you care to brave trolls.

Also, the phonebook has a bunch of county service #s in it. If you can get through to a line with anyone willing to help you out they can help you get pertinent info that can lead you to your goal.

Come to think of it … I haven’t tried that method yet. I really ought to take that advice myself & get in touch w/the county med svcs. Where are you going to school?

I’m sure there’s other stuff I could suggest but I’m fucking tired as hell & keep making typos.
I’ll check that out…any tips on finding a real life one? I am gonna try craigslist now…sigh.
Going the craigslist route is looking like a slow process … I’m trying to get interested people to contact me so I can throw together a meeting, but people w/neuro probs are not very plentiful. I know there are other people in town but I don’t know how the hell to get to ’em.

I imagine it would be hard to pull people together via craigslist for any reason – people on there can be so freakin sketchy.
So far I’ve had epic fails with Craigslist too. An adult I talk with / look up to, said to look in the newspaper that they have little short notes about stuff like that in there…like groups for whatever…AA, drug recovery, marriage group counseling, cancer patients, and so on…so I’m going to pick up a few tomorrow to see if that is true.

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