Ever feel you’re going to do something good for society?

Do any of you ever get the feeling you’re going to do something good for society/mankind? It’s crazy while I’m waiting in traffic to go home from work, thinking how I can’t wait to leave my day job and do something that is actually constructive that is going to help people down the road. Am I just too motivated/ambitious OR does anybody else have these feelings?
I got into nursing at the age of 27 because of it.

Was a graphic designer before. Yawn.

I got into nursing at the age of 27 because of it.

Was a graphic designer before. Yawn.

Graphic designer is still doing something for society. You’re helping to entertain them in some way.
I can’t see being motivated and ambitious as bad things. Just make sure you have a solid plan so you don’t blow all your time/money on something that won’t succeed.

I love daydreaming about inventions or stuff I wanna do. 95% of it will never happen or is useless but one day I’ll come up with something good.
i have a deep desire to help mankind in some way or another. i almost feel like thats the only way to validate my life in a weird sense. To feel like i wasn’t just a waste of life. I really haven’t figured out HOW im going to achieve this yet though. I’m only 25 right now so the optimal route would be to have success in business which would allow me to take care of my family and retire at an early age. From there I would like to setup charities using my extra $$ or maybe be a professor / teacher
The meaning of life is to help and love others.i want to move on to more structural help like in ‘learning the person how to fish for themselves instead of catching it for them’ kind of strategies. This would apply to all things, because i also don’t like the ‘carrying water to sea’ idea. It has to be usefull on long terms. But becoming a doctor is definitly good start for your career as a loving soul, and it enables you to help a lot of people.
i do it everyday at work.
nothing like having such a rewarding career
I wanted to for years but then I found out that I could never pass the classes I needed to help mankind in the way I wanted.
I feel compelled to do more. Always wanted to make a positive impact.

Not sure how I’ll manage with my health issues, but I’ve come to believe that I should be helping others like me.

Some day, somehow.

I would like to make a billion dollars and put it in a low risk account that pays a guaranteed 5% (which in this case is $50 million) per year, and donate that $50M per year to medical science research to cure cancer and movement disorders.

I only say that because I don’t think I could do it myself, but I would like to facilitate the research for other, smarter people.

I’m still trying to think of another way to benefit society.

Aside from all the bullshit calls, I feel like I do make a difference.

It also makes you appreciate everything you have -that- much more, You really do have no idea what you’ve got until it’s gone.
I have the same sentiments in which I fancy doing something really important and eminent in society that would be noticeable, but I don’t have the intentions of doing it to raise the morale or even help mankind. I would mainly want to do something enormous in my life for myself and my future family — Not for the intentions of doing something for mankind or my society in general, since I’ve always believed in helping yourself out firstly. If what I’m doing is successful and makes me successful, then it might already be helping mankind unbeknownst to me or if I feel generous, then I’d start helping mankind or society in general.
Sometimes this thought is the only reason I show up to class And there’s no such thing as too motivated or too ambitious.

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