Anyone know any good books/songs/ways to motivate oneself…

Kind of not been able to motivate myself for a while… actually, kind of happened 6 years ago on the job as well (but I am still there). I know a lot of you are just going to say "Just Go Out There and Do Things" and trust me, I *think* about doing them, convince myself I am going to do them and then when it comes time to do them, I have no motivation left to actually do things.

-Yes, I have tried working out… stopped a few months ago, can’t find the motivation to go back despite telling myself I want to go back and saying "I’m going to go back and get serious about it tomorrow" every day.

-I have plenty of hobbies, ice hockey being the best (and most expensive) one. But I don’t do that every day.

-Been at a job 7 years now, really have no motivation to learn new things… and if I do, I get easily distracted (even from my own work). It’s like I gotten myself into a bad habbit and the place is sucking the motivation out of me.

-Been wanting to learn guitar, had a guitar for a year… haven’t picked it up since I couldn’t understand concepts and theories on how to play the first time I tried, so I’m not motivated to learn.

-Said I would write a book, started a nice outline, then put it aside for months and have no motivation to continue.

-Girls.. I just have no motivation to hang out with them, or invite them to my new place, etc. I did invite one girl tonight, friend for 5 years, she in turn, instead, invited me out somewhere with her where I knew I would be bored out of my mind. I also have been promising another girl I would visit her at work, but by the time I get settled in at home, I have no motivation to go out.

I think this is all I remember to list.. any help?

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