How Can I Not Cry!!!

I am so frustrated!! I am a very emotional person (& I also have Depression & minor anxiety issues, which doesn’t help) and I cry too much. I cry if I’m pissed off, I cry if I’m sad, I cry if I’m scared, I cry if I’m happy–it really doesn’t matter. The thing is when I do cry, I have no control over it I can’t make a choice-to cry or not to- it just happens and the more I try to control it (when it’s happening at a bad place or time) the harder I cry. THis is a problem for me, my boss will pull me into the office for a minor thing and I’m crying and bawling and snorting-the whole nine yards. My boss gets pissed at me when this happens, thinking I’m doing it to get out of being in trouble, I can’t stop, I cry harder, I get in more trouble, I don’t know what to do–I hate crying, especially in public, especially in front of my boss. Anyone with ideas, please help, I’m at my wit’s end, I’m about to lose my job!!!

First thing… are you a guy or a girl? It would be kind of disturbing to know that you cry nonstop if you were a guy, and I wouldn’t really have any advice to give you.

Now, if you’re a girl, that’s a different story. Why do you cry? Why do you let things get to you so much? How are you getting in trouble so often? Just relax, don’t take things so harsh all the time. Learn to control your emotions, because you should know that it’s not acceptable to cry nonstop in a professional environment. Calm down!

Now explain a little more why this happens.
Just let it flow and understand that you are allowed to cry that it is ok to cry and it is ok to show your emotions. It is best you surround yourself with people who understand you. Depression and anxiety always comes from real life problems that bring you stress, by solving those real life problems and solving the ‘root’ causes of those problems will take away the stress and as a result of that you won’t have to cry anymore.
Explain that to your boss, maybe explain in an email (so you don’t cry) and tell him you are going to counselling regarding personal issues and it’s really nothing you can control.

Yeah, that’s a great idea. Telling your boss your’re a nutcase. More incentive for him to keep you.
I needed to extinguish the flames in this thread, remember folks this is an emotional hide-out, you may or may not agree with someone’s opinion, but its up to the OP to decide and to select which advice is most suitable for them. A good commander therefore will not allow soldiers to get caught up into a cross-fire, so be sure to adress the problems and not the advice givers.
I don’t cry all that often, but I used to practically never cry. Ever since I started taking birth control I’ve started crying more often. Maybe it’s something you’re taking?

I am a girl
before you start to get too emotional, try pulling yourself back from the situation and consider it in a different light.

Try to think about the motives behind the people that caused the situation, or think of something else, anything to engage the logical parts of your brain.

It worked for my last girlfriend, who used to get upset alot.

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