Can you be seriously depressed more than once in your life?

I’m just wanting to hear opinions.

The reason I’m wondering is because a couple of years ago I was depressed due to my specific situation (I can elaborate on this, but it’s not the point of the question), all I had was suicidal thoughts everyday for a few years and didn’t have any motivation to do anything. Eventually I met a girl and that gave my life made a pretty drastic change, it helped me snap out of that suicidal state and gave me lots of motivation to get things done.

Now it’s been months since we broke up, and I’m in almost the same situation as I was before (life kinda sucks atm), however, although I’m not very motivated nowadays, I don’t feel suicidal or anything like that anymore.

The difference between before and now was that before I knew life wasn’t going to get better, and now I know that life will get better, it did get better before and it’s great when it does.

But yeah, anyway, I’m just wondering if people get seriously depressed more than once, or do they generally grow stronger after they get over the first one? Or is the answer ‘everyone is different’? Right now I know that there’s no way I can be suicidal like I was before, I realize it was dumb of me to have been thinking that way before.
It only took me 5 years of lurking to grow the balls to make a post in here lol
I think you can definitely get depressed more than once in your life. How old were you the last time you went through depression? I was 14 when I went through it. It’s good you aren’t suicidal now.
I was horrendously depressed (suicidal even) in high school, but more or less snapped out of it the year before graduation. I run into tough times like everyone else but I suppose my shifts in perspective cause me not to wallow in self-pity and helplessness.
I wasn’t too happy at 17, from there it got worse and worse until I was around 21. Those weren’t very good years for me >.>

Now you say people get depressed more than once, but can people get suicidal more than once?
Yes……god yes….

I don’t think depression is an ‘instance’, I think it’s more a mental persuasion (for lack of a better word). I think the ironic part about depression comes from the fact that it’s usually preceded by very high – high’s.

You have the attitude of things going well and you’re happy with the way they are progressing and some way or another they all turn to shit. Sometimes it’s because you put your faith in other people and they let you down and other times it’s because you saw something that wasn’t there in the first place.

I’ve been on and off theoretical suicide about half a dozen times in my life. I say theoretical because I get to the point that I ‘wish’ I could kill myself, but I never have either the balls or wherewithal (I know that’s a word but probably misspelled) to go through with it.

That’s not a bad thing to me though….because in the end no matter how dark and morbid my thoughts become, there’s always something that makes life worth living to you.
Well, speaking as a psychologist, depression does happen more then once in a lifetime. Especially with how life and situations in peoples lives are so different now then they ever have been.

With mine, my younger sister with downsyndrom had surgery recently, she was coughing up blood and i had to stay with her and my mother at the hospital for several nights with no sleep. My mother has a slipped vertibra diskin her neck, and now a degenerative disease making the bones in her neck disenigrate almost. The rich, pompus few on my mothers side of the family hate us for reasons unknown because of jealousy of not praising my cousin’s baby while we have problems with gabbriel (my sister) to worry about. My broher whom used to be deep into drugs, has found a better light in his life and in florida now getting everything situated, only to get into a car accident and now ahs tremendus back problems from time to time.

I can write a book from the things that have happend in my life, and still are in fact. And what i told you so far is only the tip of the ice berg for a lack of better words. And all in short.

But you know what? I keep high spirits still. I meditate over my thoughts, and think of things on a psychological, analytical, and philisohpical matter. Pace yourself, think over things, and relax. Things are bad in life now, and things may have been bad around to, and/or directed to just you from jealous people back in your highschool days. Keep peace of mind, and answers will come to you.

Our mind is like a pond of water, rush your hand through it quickly to find the answer, things become distorted, and blurry. Move your hand through it softly, gently, all becoems clear.

Just keep a steady mind and concious thought of today, and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. Keep concious of what must be done tomorrow, but dont worry about whatever it may be so far ahead of time before its arrival.

I hope i was able to remedy any questions/problems. If not, i would be more then happy to give you a depper analysis. I only went off of what i can tell from you so far by your posts.
And yes, you do grow stronger from these depressions. But also keep in mind it may cripple you if you worry too much about them. Take them in as experience, and bend as metal, so that you may bend back. But never break, or you are doomed to be as brittle wax.
Hell yes you can be depressed more than once. I have felt depressed for a long time off/on but took two big hits. Once when I was ~13 and once basically…now? More so like a few weeks ago. I’m feeling pretty good right now really.
A lot of teens are normally depressed because of the surge of emotions and hormones and being so vulnerable to others and sometimes themselves. We first grasp our perspective of the world around us around age twelve. Many things can affect our mentality and how we perceive things. Environment, people, ourselves, genetics, etc. That’s why it is good to meditate over your thoughts, and keep a steady patient mind. Its never your fault for feeling depressed, you just need to meditate over your thoughts and feelings is all. And make your mental foundation stronger.
Its basically so that you can always have a fall back. But the real difference between the first time and this time is that you know you have to push thru such a period and work hard while making smart decisions in order to make circumstances better for yourself.
Depression isn’t the chicken pox. It’ll happen whenever your situation and mind call for it.

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