I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I’m sick and fucking tired of it ruining my relationships cause I can’t "get a grip" like normal people. Every girl I’ve been with has stuck it out for as long as I want them to but I always end it cause I feel bad for what I put them through.

I went to a counselor today cause I just want to get my shit straight and it was way over her head. She was trying to tell me I’m bipolar. I’m not fucking bipolar. I never have a manic episode. I believe I have the symptoms for hypomanic episodes but that’s part of my BPD.

I wish the bitch I talked to today was more openminded. I know what I do and who I do it to and why. I just can’t fix it.

hell yeah, i’m not stopping till i find a professional that’s versed with BPD.

I second the "second opinion" advice, but maybe you need to be a little more openminded yourself? I’m not saying her diagnosis was perfectly right, but she is a professional. Yes, you know yourself best, but you’re asking for help (which is great) and she gave her opinion so maybe work with her about it instead of completely shutting her down and disregarding her thoughts?

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