Long Story… I need help

i really don’t know where to start this but if i make any grammer mistakes pls don’t mind is since english is not my first language.

this is going to be confusing as hell since i don’t remember half of the things she has done.

i have been a member to this trance website for about a year and a half and there was a female member who was also around where i live. (well, i live in nj and she lives in ny) anyhow, we started talking this june and i was talking to her everyday for about 2-3 years and we got so close that we used to tell each other all the shit that was happening in our life. i got to see her more than like 4-5 times in trance events that were happening around the city so i eventually met her.

after talking to her for couple of months, i noticed that she was flirty and that she was flirting with almost everyone from the website. after couple of months, i finally asked her for her msn ( i didn’t wanna ask her for a long time since the websites messaging system was awesome) so she told me that she was having a problem and that she was never able to go on msn. she also told this to several people from the website.

so around november, there was a big event (armin van buuren) and the night before that she told me that she would make out with me and she promised me that we would hang out at least for 10 minutes and dance and do other things so when i got there, i saw her with her friend and this other guy who was a promoter. she got in for free and she was basically with him the whole night and she didn’t even hang out with me. ever since that day, we started having this drama with her and we always used to fight but then end up talking to each other meanwhile, she told me and everyone else on the website that she didn’t have her phone since june.

out other fight was again after this huge event on thanksgiving. i was talking to her the day of the event and asking her if she was going to attend it and she wasn’t so sure about it. at the same time, she was talking to this other kid from nyc thru guestbook messaging which is where anyone can see what they type to each other. he invited her to over his place with her friends and 5 minutes later, she told me that she was pretty sure that she wasn’t attending it. couple of months ago, i found out thru someone else that there were rumors about how she gave him head and it was obviously that night. we once again got in a fight about why i wasn’t able to hang out with her even tho we were that close. eventually, we ended up talking. i also heard thru other people about how she was fake/flakey.

i don’t remember the other shits she has done to me but the last thing she did to me was like 2 weeks ago. someone hacked her myspace and sent me all her comments to her cousins ( i had her on my myspace but not her cousins) and aim away messages ( she also had me blocked on aim) and some of her comments consisted of talking to her cousins saying (give me a call……i’ll text you in the morning ..etc). before this hacking thing happened, she promised me that we would finally hang out wednesday which was 2 days after the hacking thing. so i flipped out on her saying what kind of fake bitch she is and how i was always stupid to go back to her and how she was just playing games and how i would make a topic about her and let everyone know what kind of piece of she is. she deleted me on myspace saying that i hacked her thing and then she was only online on the website for only like an hour or two everyday even tho she was online for hours before this happened.

so i started talking shit about her everytime someone mentioned her name and she wrote me a message about how i was being immature and bunch of shit. just 2 days ago, we started talking again and she promised me that we’re definitely hanging out next week.

i’m really confused. i had feelings for this girl ever since the beginning which is the main reason why always went back to her i do think that she is fake but then i don’t wanna accept it. why would she waste her time with me for hours every day for the past 6 months? i understand that she might have had me blocked on aim since she probably wanted to separate her real life friends with her friends from the website and the messaging system was really awesome (kinda like aim and other stuff) so i was okay with that but then why would she not give me her number? who wouldn’t have their phone since the summer? i also don’t get the fact that she is still talking to me after cursing her out and telling her bunch of shit in my last messages. i’m really confused.

i look like a freaking retard still talking to her after all but i have feelings for her and i’m just confused with what she’s trying to do. (i told her that i had feelings for her in my last message when i flipped out on her) and now i’m really wondering if she really is going to hang out with me next weekend.

Btw, i’m 19 and she’s 18. i forgot to mention that she e every time she goes clubbing and she pretty much tried everything.
it’s like i fucking lost my virginity to her lol i go back to her no matter what she does and she still keeps talking to me. i was never a jealous type of person and ever since i started talking to her and of course met her, i freaking changed.

she’s driving me to insanity. she’s on my mind every single second. i can’t even work anymore, my boss always asks me who i’m thinking off. i also got insomnia and i can’t go to sleep before 4 even if i have to wake up at 7 for work
she said she would make otu with you?? uhh

well heres what you do, either quit that forum and find a new one…. or just IL+1 her.

you dont need her shit, and if you dont think about her, it wont be a problem…..
and dude, if you had feelings for this girl by just meeting her over the net, the feelings you are having are not real to her, they may be real to you, but she doesnt care.

you really should stay away from this girl if shes whoring it up on the net anyway.. you want a girl who likes club promoters? no you dont. thats called a trashy club whore…..

u deserve better and will get it someday, once you put her behind you
You really need to move yourself passed this. She’s totally played you for a fool, and it seems that she’s done this before.

You’ve grown too attached to someone who obviously doesn’t care enough about you to even tell the truth or commit to even hanging out with you for 10 fucking minutes at a concert.

It’ll be best for you to simply forget her, like Yuppy said, IL+1.

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