A wierd problem im having.

Alright, I met this girl, hung out with her and talked to her for a few days, we hooked up, and i told her i wanted to see her, or take her on a date, got rejected.

I didnt feel that bad about it all, and even right now i dont feel bad, but i cant eat anything, im trying to eat right now, and its making me sick.

Is there anything i can do to get my appetite back? do i just have to deal with this?
I doubt it’s that which is making you not hungry.. since it doesn’t bother you or anything.

well, it started right after all of this happened
Get outside and do something. Like work out, go running. You’ll get your appetite back, trust me.

i did that, thinking the same thing, but nothing. I jog around the fairgrounds by my house every day.
Enjoy losing a few pounds. Then enjoy you’re body’s starvation response kicking in if this goes on long enough.
There’s obviously something bothering you. Whether it is physical or emotional something’s not jiving. Sometimes going without food for a couple of meals will jump start your appetite. But if it goes on longer than a day or two, I’d see a doctor.

i know what you mean, but i dont need to lose weight.
well, now i can eat kind of, but i feel sick when i do, and eat very little. this sucks

i am gonna. this is scaring me. i ate a pop tart yesterday and felt sick. didnt eat anything else that entire day.

Yeah…I’m starting to worry this is beyond some typical emotional reaction…
sorry holmes.

i’ve never been rejected!!!!

but i’ve never asked.

so it’s okay.

you’ll move on.

eat ice cream or something

then run again

and shit

you’ll be fine


Chase: Maybe it’s lupus
Foreman: Yeah, maybe it’s lupus.
Cameron: It could be lupus.
House: It’s not lupus.

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