work sucks man

i’ve been working on one thing for the past 40 days on/off, and i figured out that i can’t come through with it today.

kinda dissapointing man.

now i don’t know what to do.

that’s about it man.

basically, we have this product we were supposed to make, and it didn’t work out because the mold we made wasn’t smooth enough, and got some scratches, so it just sucks. and if we make another mold, it’ll cost a lot, and we won’t have it done in time for this tradeshow…

not to mention the money i lost.

then my best friend’s cousin is coming in town tonight, and she’s gonna hang out with her and we won’t get to hang much. i hate that. we hang out a lot.

but i guess it’s cool.

i hope the economy gets better man.

then i left my car/personal/work keys in the rental last week when i was in vegas for a tradeshow, and they sent it back to me without my car keys. just my office keys, flash drive, etc. pissed me off. it’s $195 for a new one damnit. now i only have one key.

and my ot sub is freaking over, and i gotta buy another one.

i wanna go visit my family in houston, because i them bitches. and the food in houston is pretty damn good. i feel less welcome there than before though. don’t know why. hope my h-town oters don’t read this. or is that my real intention?

i have no more skittles.

oh and kanye west tickets sold out for his concert, which i’ve been looking forward to forever.

now i gotta pay twice to get them off craigslist.

and i’m out of windex and shit.

life is hard man.
and kanye didn’t accept my friend request. it’s been MONTHS.
every bad day comes in spades. I’m having one too my friend.

muslim/brown croo?

every bad day comes in spades. I’m having one too my friend.

muslim/brown croo?

yea son!
try stubhub for tickets – you might pay face value or you might not, but the deal still might be better than CL

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