How do I go about finding a psychologist?

I need someone someone to talk to and get some tips on how I can deal with my past relationships. How do I go about finding a good psychologist?
You can get a list of recommended psychologists through your school.

– Metallic Blue

Researching online is a good idea. I usually write up a list of about 3-5 questions that matter most to me.

You can use your local yellow pages also and just pick names of social workers, or psychologists that are within a radius to your location. It’s easy to find one if you just ask some basic questions and keep that paper with you. Usually they pick up their own phone. If they don’t and some one else does, ask that person if you can speak to the counselor. If you can’t ask the office staff those same questions.

Since you can weed through a lot of names and call a lot of people, you can record little notes about each one you call. Then you can narrow your list down to like 3 or so you liked via phone. Then you go see them. You might strike gold on the first. My method helps a lot of people because it puts them in control of their own choice.

Questions to ask:

1: Do you take my medical insurance? If no, how much per session?
2: What therapy do you practice as your primary? (Family, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychoanalysis and what specific ailment (PTSD, Bi-Polar, Chronic Illness).
3: How long have you been in practice, and could you help a patient like me? Explain to them your situation concisely.


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