I’m kinda proud of my ex

I didn’t hear from her on Valentine’s day like usual, and I didn’t hear from her on NYE either. Strangely, she would always call or see me on NYE to say "happy anniversary". The last time I spoke to her was on Christmas. It was weird because when I answered her call, she didn’t even seem like she wanted to talk to me. I didn’t understand why she even called. For the past couple of days, I was signed onto my old AIM screenname, saw her online a couple of times (then I removed her), and she didn’t message me once. I’m relieved that she’s finally letting me go.

That would drive me nuts too.

Neither of us are the same person. We’re not even compatible as friends now. It made no sense to hold onto the past and I felt that’s what was going on whenever we talked.
So….what’s the problem? Stop analyzing this stroke of luck and enjoy life sans – ex.

she sent me this link as an "Air Force Test". said she found it addicting. i got a best of 9s, but i’m on a touchpad.

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