Please pray for my dad

He went to the doctor and he told my dad that his PSA (or something?) is 39 and it’s supposed to be at 4. He most likley might have prostate cancer. My dad is 69. So, this really sucks, please pray for him that he lives longer than a few years, if it turns out to be cancer.
Hopefully its not cancer bud! I wish you and him the best
My dad had a PSA of about 2000. He has been around for about 7 years now. Well recently he got another cancer and is now terminal. All the best to you, stay involved in your father’s treatment. Help him out and look at this as a chance to get tighter.

holy shit man. i will pray for you, mark my words. losing my dad is something i never want to live through
Good luck with it all. Hope it’s not cancerous. I’ll pray that it’s not.

An elevated PSA doesn’t necessarily mean malignant cancer. It could be a benign tumor (not life threatening). It could also mean he has BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) which is VERY common in older men. I guarantee at least one or two of us in this thread will have it when we’re older.

And something like 25% of men with elevated PSA’s have prostate biopsies which come back showing no signs of malignant cancer.

Just trying to give you a little hope here. One elevated PSA test doesn’t mean he’s down and out man. Keep your chin up.

Dano is correct. Most men who get Prostate Cancer are 65 years and older, it’s a common occurrence which is easily cured in nearly all men. The success rate is extremely high both because it grows incredibly slowly, and if the individual has had ongoing checkups by a physician during the periods in which the prostate is tested Age 45 to 50 they begin.

A digital rectal exam in combination with the PSA test can more accurately recognize Prostate Cancer. Additionally and enlarged prostate can produce very high PSA numbers without being Prostate Cancer. And enlarged Prostate: benign Prostatic Hypertropthy and inflamed prostatitis can cause this. A biopsy should quickly tell you what’s going on.

I wish your father the best in his recovery.
Coming from a family with this, I know how hard it can be. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. ::Big hugs::
Your father will be in my prayers tonight and at church on Sunday. I hope everything turns out alright, please keep us posted.
Done, I’m hoping it doesn’t take a turn for the worse at all, no matter how successful the elimination of prostate cancer is.

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