Slippery slope effect

Basically things havent gone well for me lately. Its been pretty stressful. From having the GF who becomes distant and drops off the face of the earth to now dealing with some of my friends.

They call and act normal and want to know whats going on. I tell them I am lying in bed (3 days in a row now) and then they say "oh your still fucking that chick? Damn" and I try explain that I actually like her but get the usual guy bullshit of :"just find someone else to fuck" which isnt what I want to do at all.

So I am basically getting worse each day. I find out that I have lost my best friend and gf as well as the fact that many of my friends are true assholes. I feel pretty alone Not even going back to my regular amount of Zoloft appears to be helping anymore.. And to think a week ago everything was so good I didnt want to be on it anymore!
They’re telling you what we all told you. They are looking at your relationship from an outside perspective. And from an outside perspective your relationship is doing horribly and it’s obviously bringing you down. No offense, but most people don’t like to hang out with others who are mopey and melancholy…even if they are good friends.

Seriously, lose the girlfriend, get back on your Zoloft, go out with your friends.
The girl looks at you like a guy with problems maybe and she thinks just like your freinds…

Sorry things are so rough for you right now. The Zoloft takes weeks to climb to the therapeutic dose you were originally at. It’s not overnight, and besides you’re grieving a loss too, so it’s normal to feel depressed and down more than usual.

It’s true. Only one of my good friends stuck by me when I was really ill and undiagnosed. Most people can’t stand "depressed" people, or the sick. That’s when you know who your true friends are, during the dark times.

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