Questions about anti-depressants(anonymous thread)

Due to events that have happened within the last 3 years, i have decided that i need to go see a doctor to talk about being put on Anti-depressants. i have an appointment tuesday. i have a couple questions for people who have been on or are currently on anti-depressants. what should i expect once on the anti-depressants? i have heard that people have become emotionless. all i want is to feel happiness again. i cant tell you when was the last time i was truly happy. i pretend very well for those close to me. just a couple people in my life know how truly depressed i am since my ex-fiance died in a car accident almost 3 years ago. thats where my depression started and it hasnt gotten better for me. how hard is it to get off the anti-depressants? will the A-Ds allow me to be happy? or will they just turn me into a emotionless zombie? although that doesnt sound very fun, i think i can live with being emotionless for now as long as i dont feel depressed all the time. will the A-Ds help me with my stress and anxieties? i own my own business and the business really stresses me out and has me feeling anxious all the time. the depression and stress has not allowed me to sleep for a long time. its to the point where my body is use to funtioning on 4-5 hours (sometimes less) of sleep a night. im sure the lack of sleep doesnt help me escape my thoughts. i know the A-Ds will not help until i have been taking them for awhile. what im afraid of is going to the doctor and he tells me i dont need them. how easy is it to get a doctor to prescribe them to you? its not like i want to abuse them. its not like im asking for pain pills and the like. this will be my first time asking for anything like this and im just afraid he will say no. i feel they could help and benefit me and if he rejects them to me then i dont know what to do. i just want to feel ok again. i think thats all the questions i have for now. for anyone who is gonna try to answer my questions, i really appreciate it. thanks in advance.

I don’t know from first hand experience but my little sister was put on anti-depressants a few years ago because of a chemical imbalance. She decided she wanted to go pill free a few months ago and has been fine. It helped balance her out some but she got tired of feeling like she was drugging herself to make her happy so she made the decision to go off the pills when she stabled out in her life and starting finding other ways, other than anti-depressants, to make her happy. It was a good transition to not being depressed all the time.

Cliffs: Sister went on them to help her. Decided, on her own to get off of them. Found other ways to make her happy. Overall anti-depressants were a good transition.

Best of luck..sorry for the novel.
This is the 4th time I’ve heard of an OTers fiance(e) dying. I’ve had someone close to me die as well. Antidepressants work differently on everyone. Sometimes it takes trying different kinds until you find one that works best for you. What helps the most is talking about it to people who were close to her, such as her family. A sister, brother, mother, or a mutual friend.

If you’re worried about the doctor not prescribing anything, it’s best to not mention that you want to go on antidepressants. Doctors aren’t fond of self-diagnosis. Just say that you have been feeling depressed for awhile now and that it’s affecting your work and personal life.
After talking with my doctor a couple times a little over a year ago, he assessed my situation and finally put me on an anti-depressant that he felt was best for me.

I was on them for a week. They not only added the psychological effect that I was taking them to be happy, which would result in me feeling even worse (one cycle often occurred during my lunch break at work. I’d take the pill in the car, lean the car seat back, and start crying). They also made me very, very jittery if I didn’t get depressed about them. My hands would start shaking, I couldn’t keep my feet still, my stomach wouldn’t feel right, etc.

After thinking about things, I told myself there were natural ways to go about getting over what I was in. This included surrounding myself with friends as much as possible, hanging out with those that cared about me the most, and doing things that made me happy (working out, playing softball, etc). Told my doctor this, and quit taking the pills.

Luckily, those helped a lot more than the pills did. Now, I know this situation isn’t going to work for everyone, just like everyone has different feelings and effects from the pills.

I would say get a good diagnosis from the doctor, and try them. However, DON’T RELY ON THEM. That’s the worst thing you could do and you’ll end up feeling like you’re going to need them every time a semi-depressing occurrence happens in your life. Try and find something(s) natural that helps you.
Here are a couple of pages to read. Both from the same site. A reputable one, and there are many helpful links from those pages as well.

Anti-depressants along with therapy is what works best. The drug helps you get back on your feet, the therapy teaches you how to stay there if you want to go drug free at some point.

If you are upfront and honest with you doc he should be very helpful. If he isnt find another.

Different drugs will effect you in different ways. As long as you have good relationship with your doctor and you arent afraid to tell them about every side effect you have, they can work with you to find one that is right for you.
In retrospect, if I had had a choice, I wouldn’t of taken any sort of bug juice. Five years later and my Doc who originally put me on bug juice tells me I’m addicted to a benzo (Ativan). However, that being said there are some SSRIs out there that supposedly are non-addictive and don’t screw one’s head up too much…I hope you find one that is right for you and that you do not have to take it any longer than necessary.

Personally, I think having a good support system, a decent shrink, being able to talk about things, having something to do (ie: hobbies, volunteering, etc), is MUCH better than resorting to bug juice.

Good luck.

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