sometimes I feel like I need to pack up and move to the other side of the continet

Like I haven’t been living because I’ve never lived anywhere but Dallas. I worked in New Orleans for 9 months, Santa Fe 6 months, OKC for 9 months, and I’m about to be sent to Little Rock for 3 months.

I just went on a great vacation in the San Francisco / Sonoma, and I can’t stop thinking about that part of the world. However, I know it will be difficult to make enough money to get by there. It might actually be worth it to be around new types of people.

I’m 27-years old, and I feel static like I don’t have much of a future aside from doing the same shit over and over, year by year, while living in one part of the world. I feel particularly like I’ve been meeting the exact same woman, over and over for the past decade, regardless of how I alter my behavior…which probably means I’m not altering my behavior, lol.

Is all this crap illogical?

Spent my whole life living outside the Washington D.C. area. Went to visit Yosemite and Tahoe on vacation 5 years ago, moved to Tahoe 6 months later. Im pretty damn happy about the decision.
I have that urge too, and I just moved to Rochester, NY last September. Now I’m moving to a small town an hour away for an engineering internship. I’m excited about it but also a little worried since it is a town of 6,000 people. Not sure what I’m gonna do with my free time over, especially meeting people my age (20s).
I moved from N. Idaho to Georgia 5 years ago.

A move is refreshing, though hard. Go for it. Worst that can happen is you decide to move back, right?

Arent you close to the Adirondacks? Should be tons of fun up there if you like outdoors.
I’d feel that way if I lived in Texas

But seriously, I’m from California and I cant wait to move back one day. As Led Zeppelin says, "the West is the best!" But I also live in Florida now and love it. I personally can’t stand Texas, Oklahoma, and I could never actually live in New Orleans.

I’d say think about it if you actually had the money and knew what you would do there for work.
I’ve lived in CA most of my life, but have moved around a lot. I spent about a year in Florida and didn’t like it much. I mean I had a blast and all, but I had never felt so home sick before.

The first time I traveled alone I went to Pennsylvania and Ohio. I could see myself living there and also North Carolina and Maine.

Sometimes change is good, but be sure that you’re running to and not away from something.
I would love to move out of Texas…not because I hate the state [I love it here] but because I feel like I need a huge change in my life. I hate the feeling of stagnation.

I agree. I feel like i know everyone here. I want to be in a new culture. Its like you grow up wherever because that’s where your parents decided to raise you, once you grow up, you need to pick a location / culture with what you’ve become.

Exactly! I adore the culture here in Texas, I do….but even if it’s just to another city in TX, I need a new atmosphere. I can’t wait till I can save up enough money to move….
DO NOT move to Marin/Sonoma. I can assure you of this.

I’m a graduate of a HS in that area. Look at my location, i’m long gone.

I don’t miss it nor would I even move back if I had the chance to.

SF is cool if you have that kinda money. My friends there like it.
Dissatisfaction with your situation isn’t always a bad thing. The people who don’t feel it (or bloack it out) wind up doing the same thing because it’s easy. It’s not very fulfilling though.

If shit isn’t to your liking, change it! It’s a pain in the ass butit sure beats feeling like you’re suffocating. I know – I flipped my whole life upside-down about a year and a half ago.

It was early 2006. I was pretty well established in a good (if not great) job. My setup was not bad in its own modest way. I had plenty of cash – bills were always paid with no trouble and I had plenty of play money too (perhaps too much – I didn’t realize how much I was spending until I started saving for the move ).

Even with the financial situation, I just wasn’t happy. I liked my job but I couldn’t see it being a career for a number of reasons. One, there were other things I’d rather be doing. Two, I had pretty much maxed my earning potential at that company. So I decided to change it.

So here I am. 2200 miles from where I was and starting over. It isn’t easy – right now I’m temping for an embarrassingly small wage while I try to forge a new career. Believe me, living with no buffer cash is fucking scary. I don’t even care about the spending money so much. All the same I’m trying. I know I’d hate myself if I were still coasting at my old job. Things are starting to happen, so hopefully the money will come soon.
Hmm…I’ve thought about living in different parts of the country and in fact, I might move. But you know, moving simply to satisfy "The Grass is Greener" syndrome is kinda silly to me. I mean living anywhere has it’s positives and negatives.

But you travel a lot with your job so perhaps you have more data on these other locations than I do. I dunno, if I’m moving anywhere, it’s either to Denver or Dallas.
I moved to NC from NH on a snap decision with $600 to my name. I stayed with a friend for a while, and then met my now husband. If I hadn’t made that snap decision to move my life would be entirely different. I wouldn’t be financially stable, I wouldn’t be married and I certainly wouldn’t be getting ready to try having a baby. I’d at most be a hair dresser living in an over-priced apartment in a boring ass town.
You only have one life. Do what you feel compelled to, just have some sort of back up plan (even if it’s living in your grandma’s basement) just in case you decide you don’t like it or everything goes wrong. You never know what’ll happen or how it can change your life until you do it.
I say do it.

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