So a MARRIED man tried so hard to seduce me over the weekend.

For starters he was absolutely HOT! Tall, dark, handsome, gorgeous blue eyes. Too bad he was married. I had gone to a friends wedding as the Maid of Honor and he was the Best Man. The night of the wedding he kept refilling my glass of champagne for me (as well as the bride and groom) at the reception. Afterwards we went to the happy couples house, me the best man and the grooms mother and grandmother were staying there. The bride and groom were staying at a hotel that night leaving the mom and grandma in their bedroom and myself and the best man on two separate couches in the living room. He handed me a beer when we got there and I kind of had an idea of what he was trying to do so I slowed it down a lot and was kind of babysitting the beer in my hand when I was close to finishing he asked me if I wanted to sit next to him to watch tv. I told him no because I would rather lay down on my couch and watch tv. He said I could lay down over there, I felt awkward and didn’t say anything. Then he reached for my hand and said come here and pulled it away and said no. This went back and forth for while until he came over to me knelt right over me so I couldn’t move and tried to kiss me I tried to push him off as much as I could but he was too strong. I told him if he didn’t stop I would call the Bride and Groom to put him in his place. He went back over to his couch and was still pleading with me. Calling me baby and honey etc.. I asked him if he loved his wife and what she would think if she found out. I told him what he was doing was wrong and he needed to stop. This went on for a while. This guy would not give up, he actually thought he could talk me into it. I knew this would be bad karma especially since she is EXPECTING! He finally apologized and we went to bed. I tried to keep it as played down as possible since we were on the same flight back. I didn’t want things to be awkward, I told him it was ok but he needed to go home and love his wife not lust over me.

Yikes. This is a goos sequel to your other thread. I was about to call you a hypocrite for a second because I was positive you caved.

Yikes. This is a goos sequel to your other thread. I was about to call you a hypocrite for a second because I was positive you caved.

I absolutely did not I can’t imagine doing that to someone else. He was pretty damn hot though. Except for the married part, that just wasn’t going to fly with me.

Well That would completely disgust me if a married man tried that hard to get with me.

poor guy

never get married?

That guy shouldn’t have gotten married, that’s for sure.
I think you’d be amazed how many single women hit on married guys too, it’s not a one way street. A buddy of mine at work has women hitting on him constantly ever since he put the ring on, must be something about wanting what you can’t have. I can’t figure it out either.

That + people get married to the wrong people and find themselves seeking others.

Yeah he admitted to not feeling the same way about her anymore. What’s even sadder is she is pregnant.
As a female. I’ve been in the exact same situation and trust me, he’s just looking for booty. Don’t be fooled or blinded.
well done, glad to see there are still some people with morals.
That sounds more like begging and then assault than seduction.

i think he wouldnt have had to beg if he wasn’t married

it was more awkward feeling than flattering. Kind of froze for a sec too, didnt know what to do because like I said before he was attractive but completely unavailable to me.

A married dude tried to do something similar to me a while back.
Its not flattering. Its disgusting… huge turn off imo.

Well, that doesn’t seem to apply to this situation, even if I agree with it.

What if he went home to file for a divorce?

Highly unlikely, as I mentioned before she’s pregnant. Not only that why would I get with a guy who is willing to cheat on his wife?

Nobody feels the same about their spouse after being married for a few years. That’s part of growing as a person. The only way a marriage will work long-term is if the people involved keep redefining their relationship, so they always know what it is about the other person that they’re in love with.

More marriages in the USA would last longer if more people took this approach, instead of naively expecting the spark to stay lit without help.

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