It’s probably a form of depression, well obviously it is, but what do you call it….

When you can laugh alone, but you can’t do it in front of a person? I can only laugh when nobody is around. I can’t bring myself to laugh almost never when there are others around. Why is this?? I try to laugh around others but I know it comes across fake as hell, so I don’t. But if I’m watching a show like The Office, I can laugh non stop but I do watch it alone, not when anyone else is around. If there was someone around, and The Office was on, I wouldn’t’ be able to laugh because there’s someone around.

I’ve been told I have a quality about me: I can make others laugh. Well, that’s a laugh right there! I was telling my aunt something over the phone and she laughed a lot.

Arugh, I’m just depressed is what it comes down to. But at least depressed people are able to laugh around others even if it’s fake.
I do have a sense of humor but I can never laugh. I once laughed at something, (I don’t remember what it was) in front of my mom, and I felt embarrassed for that…
Are you worried about what others will think of you if you laugh in front of them?

That’s not what the OP is talking about. That’s a genuine phobia of laughing full stop, what OP is talking about has more to do with feeling awkward laughing in social situations.
I’d say it’s more of an anxiety problem rather than depression
self confidence issues maybe? Do you feel like when your around people you need to put a guard up? Next time your with a bunch of people take a look at your self, and see if your tensing up. I tend to do this a lot, and you just need to relax..

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