Is anyone else taking LAMICTAL?

Ive been on it for about 2 weeks now, 50mg twice a day. If you are on it or were on it how did it work out for you and what dosage were you on?
i took 50mg a day…for what? the doc diagnosed me as mild bipolar….didnt even do anything turns out i had a crazy ex that made me insane for a bit but not bipolar… when i broke up with her stopped taking those..and i was fine…
My roommate is. She’s on 100 mils for schizophrenia/as an anti-depressant treatment. It seems to be working out for her really well, any specific questions you want me to ask her?

I don’t know a damn thing about that medicine, but here’s something to think about: my father was diagnosed with clinical depression years ago, and he tried various medications before settling on…fuck, what was it? Zoloft? Hell, I don’t remember. Anyway, whatever it was, it affected his norepinephrine levels as well as his seretonin levels, and he was so juiced that he would talk in his sleep every night. So he cut back the dose against doctor’s orders. Now he takes a quarter of a tablet twice a week, instead of two tablets every day. The doctor insisted that it couldn’t possibly be therapeutic at that low of a dose, but my dad and I and everyone else could always tell when he was taking that quarter of a tablet and when he wasn’t, so the doctor finally conceded the point.

The doctor doesn’t really know what the right dose is for you. You have to figure that out for yourself, because only you know when you’re heading downhill and you need to take it again. If one pill a day makes you feel jittery or overly excitable, get a pill cutter and cut them in half. Play with it, carefully, until you find the right amount to get you to where you’re stable. You don’t have to be happy all the damn time, just stable. And if cutting the dose causes problems, go back up again.
lamictal is a very strong medicine – it’s used to prevent seizures also

my son has epilepsy and his medicine controls his seizures with virtually no side effects or contraindications – and his is strong stuff

lamictal is one that they try when the lesser ones don’t work and it can have a lot of side effects (plus it’s really expensive, right?) all worth it if you’re seizing all the time though

these people are taking it for a different reason but if you check out the forums at (lousy UI, but the info is there) you’ll find a lot of people who use this medication

good luck
Yeah, for a while. Got a slight rash at the start which went away. Your Doc should have told you about the rash, takes a little while to kill but it gets there soon enough.

I can’t remember exactly how much I was on but I was also on Depakote so there needed to be a dose adjustment. Something to do with screwing with the half life I think.

so 200mg on Depakote = 400mg Normal.

I maxed out at 200mg.

Didn’t get a damn thing from it.

I kinda like this site for info on drugs, good starting point.

lets see..ive now been taking
it for nearly 1 year. It has certainly made my life alot more bareable!
I got it in December, went up to a dose of 150mg, which was far too high for me so I stopped taking it. I just recently restarted it and am taking 25mg, which seems to help my mood swings enough.
Even 100mg made me feel numb, though, but I don’t know how it would effect others.
I take 150mg a day along with an snri. I’m bipolar and the lamictal makes things much bearable despite being kinda numb. I was on depakote before and it had horrible side effects and required blood tests.
I just started taking it (today’s day 3 for me) so I’m still on the build up phase just taking 25mg a day. In 2 weeks I’ll be on 50mg a day and then 2 weeks after that 100mg a day. Then they’ll begin to see what dosage is right for me.

I’m taking it strictly for bi-polarism btw. I’m new to this as well and definitely haven’t been taking it long enough to notice it yet. I hope for the best.

It has a very good success rate and low side effects, so it is my doctor’s favorite mood stabilizer, she said, because of this.

I kinda like this site for info on drugs, good starting point.

and the information on that website is wrong. I’ve never been on any medication for my bi-polar disorder and am starting out with lamictal.

another misleading ‘informative’ drug site…

and the information on that website is wrong. I’ve never been on any medication for my bi-polar disorder and am starting out with lamictal.

another misleading ‘informative’ drug site…

Yep everything that site says is the total opposite of my experience.

Can you ask her how long it took until she reached stability. Or if she has AIM and can talk that would be cool.

AIM – PaulieWalnuts447

Tried to send you a PM, your box is full.

Yeah it makes me kind of numb too, I want to cry but cant. I guess thats better than freaking.

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