Money problems making me sad

I’m a student and i’m completely broke. I have everything else I want but money. i’ve worked jobs before but every job I had I stood around and went bored out of my mind. any ideas on good jobs for college students.

I hear you. That was the worst thing about being a student. Money grows on trees for me now. IT gets better, don’t worry.

Yeah that is not an easy job to get and they looking for people who worked in the biz as a bartender or server. So look at working somewhere as a server for sometime.
i hated the restaurant business. its too much down time an its a slow industry here. I like moving around actually doing something. just seems like everyone wants an education or experience before they’ll even think about hiring you. i tried to get some jobs but all the illegals got them

what do you do for a living

sometimes if you really need the money, you have to deal with the boredom/frustration that comes along with certain jobs. try bringing books to read or something else to entertain you if you aren’t busy enough all the time.
During winter vacation work for UPS as a seasonal driver helper, it’s basically like playing ding-dong-ditch all day.
I think the easier job you could get is being a salesman. Maybe outdoor salesman. Do that. Trust me. You’ll learn so much in this field. And btw, every rich guys are excellent salespeople. Start there. Know the rules. Learn the skills. Beat the game.

Go to a college bar near you and apply as a bar back…you’re moving around a lot and it’s still good $

Can you give me your money? This way you won’t be sad.
I worked at a music venue in college. Although an exception, I got free dinner before my shift and free alcohol after my shift. It wasn’t exactly money city either. As suggested above, bar backing may be more your speed. A friend of mine did that at a venue and made a lot of money. He would pay for me when we went out because he had "so much money" he "didn’t know what to do with it."
Work at the campus bookstore
College campuses have 11ty restaurants. Work at one. Anywhere from delivering pizzas to being a server at Red Lobster.
Tutor (we had a tutoring program where the students got paid to tutor. I’m not sure if every college has this)

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