Unhappy with life, thinking of moving in with parents to be at home.

Sup guys. Currently Im in the Air Force living in Okinawa, Japan. Have been here for the past 2 and a half years. After the initial excitment of being in a new country I pretty much fell into a depression that Im still in to this day. Just feeling completely separated from my "old life" back home while this new life sucks.

Ive actually never liked being in the Air Force. Mostly because I really dislike the job I got. Ive been in 5 years next month and I feel like its been a real waste of life, especially the time that Ive been here in Okinawa.

Now I really want to go back home. I just love it there and am just all around much more happy just being there. Problem is I havent saved a dime while Ive been in and have no schooling done other then community college of the Air Force credits that I got from tech school.

I finish my enlistment of 6 1/2 years next November. Im thinking Im just going to get out and live with one of my parents back home and try to get a contracting job on base there. My friend with no credentials did it, I should have an ok chance of getting something. If I cant then I will use my GI bill to go to school. I know this is pretty risky and I will be 25 living at home with one of my parents which is pretty loserish in itself, but at least I will be home and out of the Air Force.

What do you guys think? Sorry its so long, but I really dont like where my life is and I dont think I can keep doing this just for job security.

Cliffs: Very unhappy with what my life has become in the 5 years Ive been in the Air Force. Want to get out to go home, but will have to live with parents at the age of 25 until I find a good job. Or live with them while I go to school and work a part time job or something.
I don’t think it would be "loserish" considering you’ve been on your own for so long so long as you work to make yourself better when you’re living back at home. You go to school as soon as you can and you work as well. A lot of people go back home and end up making a decision that changes there life.

It’s very hard to get ahead in life because of bills and other expenses so if living at home a couple years means you could get a 2 year degree or half way through a bachelors I say do it. It’s better than working a shitty job and going to school part-time only to see you finally get your associates at age 30.

Biggest problem people have with people living at home past 19-20 is that they’ve never been out on there own and most of the time they are just feeding off their family.

So as long as you move home and try to better yourself I see no problem. There will be people that criticize you and say "you can do it" but you know what. It’s your life, do what makes you happy because you’re the one who has to live with the results.
Don’t let society’s crappy definitions of who and what are losers affect you.

Your situation won’t be permanent, so do whatever it takes to get to where you need to be.

I’ll probably be living in my mom’s basement until I’m like 28 but it’s because I’m planning to be in school for so long, what the hell is the point of adding unneeded expenses when I’ll already be broke from being a student?

If I could move in with someone and have really cheap rent I’d probably take it over living here, but I wouldn’t be looking for places on my own just so I felt ‘cooler’ or whatever people think of those living with parents until their situations get better.
You’ve already made your decision. Don’t let what someone else’s definitions to decide your actions. Good luck Ace
I’m 28 and live with my parents. Granted, I pay as much rent as I would being out on in my own place but their business isn’t doing so hot so I help offset that plus I take out the trash, do the dishes, feed the dogs, make sure the house isn’t a mess… Sounds like little stuff but when you own a bakery and are standing for 8 hours.. on a good day… sometimes 16….. it makes a difference.

it’s one thing if you don’t have a decent job/or going to school, not paying ANY rent and eating ice cream all day.. it’s another if it makes your life plus your parent’s life a bit easier by staying there.

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