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I got in a car accident Feb of this year and have had terrible knee pain since. My primary doctor sent me off for a MRI in March and it came back clean. I do have bone concavity and she was having me use a brace for support since the accident.

Since my knee still wasn’t improving, they set me up with a ortho in April. The guy was probably one of the rudest people I have ever met. The first time I met with him, he told me to continue PT (which I did) and to come back in a month saying I would either get steroid injections, or scheduled for surgery. At that time, he even advised that steroids wouldn’t be a good route because of my age and the nature of the injury. I went back to my primary doc and she agreed – Under no circumstances should I get steroid injections.

I went in for my follow up with him this past Monday. From the moment he entered the room he was being very disrespectful. He made comments about my age saying I was only 10 (I’m a relatively small girl) and he honest to god gave me NO chance to protest an injection. I know, it’s my body, I am supposed to be in control of it. My mom even went with me, was trying to ask questions about it and he told me to "toughen up" it would be used as a "diagnostic" and that my doctor basically didn’t know what she was talking about. Not only that, but he said that all the knee pain I was experiencing was in my head, even though my knee was VISIBLY inflamed when I went in to see him. So obviously, something is wrong with the knee… It’s not just "attention pains" that I assume he thought I was having. He didn’t even outline the pros/cons before administering them. All he did was bang on my knee to mark it, pick up the massive syringe and told me that "The last patient screamed."

The whole time I was clutching my mom, this shit hurt, and he just tells me "CALM DOWN! Toughen Up!!" No calming words, or even acknowledging that this was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life.

So ok, his bedside manner is terrible.

Since the injections I have been having TERRIBLE, CONSTANT knee pain. I can barely even put weight on the right side of my body, and anytime my knee even brushes against something it is a terrible pain.

I’m supposed to go back to him in July… JULY?!?! I went back to my primary, told her he was a dick, and told her that my knee pain if anything has gotten worse. They tested my range of motion, and it has in fact gone down – Way down. She is sending me to a NEW ortho so that hopefully he can do surgery or suggest another method of treatment. This one obviously isn’t working.

Now is this a case of malpractice? Or did he just misdiagnose me and treat me like shit??
why the hell did you let that man anywhere near you with a needle? The second he started with the disrespect I’d have been like fuck you I’m out of here. Sounds like the guy deserves a malpractice suit.
as far as i know, malpractice suits can only exist when you can prove, or have a very good idea they hurt you physically. hurting your feelings has nothing to do with it.

Yea, that’s what I thought too.

I wasn’t sure, so I figured I’d ask.

If I go to the new ortho, and he says that the steroid injections were a bad idea do I then have a case?? I don’t think they messed my knee up even more necessarily, but they reduced some of the inflammation that for all I know was helping "keep things together" in my knee. All I know, is I hurt a LOT more walking out, than I did walking in.

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