Is this worth getting medication for?

Hello all,

I have a recurring issue with anxiety/panic attacks that I used to have constantly through college (19-20 yrs old), but recently they’ve come back happening about once a week (I just turned 25).

My question is, what do the anxiety meds out there do. The issue I have is once an attack starts towards the end of the night, I won’t be able to fall asleep, no matter how hard I try.

At this point, it’s 3am, and I’ve been anxious since 1130pm. When I try to lay down or close my eyes, I can relax myself for a minute, but then I’ll feel paniced again. Sometimes I can talk out the issue, but that’s become harder and harder to do and then fall asleep. Right now I can feel my eyes getting heavy, but if I actually laid down to sleep I know my chest would start racing again.

An example I have for how I can’t shake it when it starts, is that I’ll leave the house and go driver around to try to relax. I’ll feel tired/sleepy in the car, but the second I come in my room I feel anxious again. I keep feeling almost "drunk" as I type this, where my eyes will clothes, my head will feel heavy, and I’ll wake up with extra keys typed in the post.
Uh yes, obviously it’s worth it.

Edit: Seriously, wtf? That’s like having a broken hand and just being like "Well, it’s my left hand and I’m a righty, so I guess I don’t need to worry about it."

Uh yes, obviously it’s worth it.

Edit: Seriously, wtf? That’s like having a broken hand and just being like "Well, it’s my left hand and I’m a righty, so I guess I don’t need to worry about it."

When I was in college and it happened frequently, I felt like it was taking an easy way out to deal with the issue. Now that I’m growing/grown-up, I realize that it’s not something that I can’t necessarly fix on my own, but that there’s nothing wrong with possibly taking drugs for it.
So I’m gonna type this quick because I think I’m starting to slip.

This is about 6 hours in now, and I’ve seen myself type this post about 10 times in my head now, and everytime I refresh the page, I realize I didn’t send it yet. I hope this all can inspire someone who mihgt be having the same problm.
If it’s affecting your daily routine then see a doctor and look at getting on meds for it.

If it’s manageable, still go see a doctor and see about getting help other than medication for it.
Just be careful with the meds, Im starting to develop a dependence on Xanax due to recent events.
i’ve had no luck with therapists or meds for my anxiety issues and yea they will keep me up all night. the only thing i found that helps is to try and meditate on something like my breathing. listening to each breath trying to make them the exact same as the last. if i can focus all of my thought on something like that, everything else kind of melts away. sometimes i fall asleep but most the time i just lie there doing the meditation thing and it’s usually just as good as sleep. i call it fake sleep.
Anti-anxiety meds are nice but they have side effects

I have recently made major changes in my diet, like cutting out almost all sugar and not drinking coffee. Sometimes a slice of brown bread, a glass of water, and a phone call to my mom is all I need. Sometimes breathing into a paper bag can help the breathing.

Late night anxiety is horrible because you can’t really call anyone. Do you have a friend who is up all night?
If you aren’t working on it yourself then yes, you should either seek therapy or seek meds.

I felt exactly that way a few years ago, got on Zoloft and felt 1000x better. I’m off of it now and I rarely gets attacks and can actually get to sleep before 3am.
OK. I understand the feelings your having. I have had panic attacks on and off now for almost 6 years. Mine always happen at night, well, 99.9% of the time at night. The reason your anxiety gets better while your out driving is because your not thinking about it. Then you come home, don’t have anything to keep your mind busy, and you start worrying about it again.

Think of anxiety like this. You are in a safe bubble. Nothing can come in and hurt you, ever. You are walking around, and the Boogie Man jumps out and tries to scare you. If you look over and say "OK… your stupid, go away" and leave it at that, the Boogie Man feels pwned, so he goes away. However, if the Boogie Man jumps out, and you panic, he’ll keep scaring you. But remember, you’re in your safe bubble. Even if you get scared of the Boogie Man, he can still never harm you, just scare you more. Which is why if he jumps out, and you go driving and stop thinking about him, he goes away, but the second you start feeling a little scared of him, he’ll jump at the chance to scare you again.

Anxiety is indirectly caused by you. I know, when people used to say "It’s all in your head" to me I used to get pissed off, but its partially true. Anxiety can strike anyone, at any time, for any reason. Its just a normal feeling of defense. The problem is, sometimes we feel that for reasons we don’t directly see, or most of the time, for no reason at all. The problem isn’t the panic attack itself, its how WE see the panic attack. example:

I deal with occasional panic attacks while sleeping. I’ll be like, 90% asleep, and bam, it’ll hit. I’ll jump out of bed, heart racing, freaking out, short of breath, kinda lightheaded, etc. Then, it’s a chore to fall back asleep, cuz I’m thinking "omg, what if it’s something worse, what if I need to go to the ER, what if it happens again." Yadda yadda. So the other night, I got that feeling again, and I said "Oh for fucks sake, this again, I am too tired for this shit." I layed my head back down, and I could almost physically feel the panic just weaken and weaken until I was like "holy shit, I stopped it dead in it’s tracks!" And then I went to bed. Happened last night actually. I jumped out of bed, got half way to my bedroom door to go smoke and do my usual shit, but I was like "Oh fuck this" and layed back down and went right to sleep. It’s all how you view the panic attack. If you don’t give it anything to feed on, it can’t feed and will stop. And it might come back, but if you learn to never give it any credit, it will weaken and weaken and effect you less and less.

SOME, say medication helps, but I believe it helps more for situational anxiety. My dad suffered panic attacks while my mom was preggo with me since she was really sick and I had like a 5% chance of living. He never had panic attacks before, or after that. So, maybe meds help with situational anxiety, but, if there are deeper causes, rooted inside your head, I personally, not being a Doctor, don’t believe in anxiety medication. To touch on the broken hand comment… Taking meds for Anxiety is like taking a pain killer for a broken hand. It might weaken the SYMPTOMS of the broken hand, but it will never fix the CAUSE of the symptoms, and when you stop, your hand is still broken.

Some simple things I would do if I were you.

1) STOP any and all caffeine.
2) Walk regularly. Panic attacks cause adrenaline, and if you don’t burn it up, it builds and can aid in causing panic attacks.
3) Talk to your anxiety. I know, it sounds weird, but it helps me. If you feel an attack coming, say "OK, I guess today I’m going to see what life is like with anxiety, but whatever, thats fine, I can still function with a little funky feeling. It’s not like it’s going to harm me or anything, so whatever, lets see how bad it can try to be this time." Sounds nuts, but it helps me.
4) Learn about anxiety. I was terrified when it started, because I had no idea WTF was wrong with me. Go to the library and research anxiety and panic attacks.
5) Watch your breathing when feeling anxious. Shallow breathing is very common and can cause more anxiety. Research breathing techniques for dealing with anxiety and use them.
6) See a therapist, be 100% honest with him/her and see if you can uncover any underlying things from your past that would cause these types of feelings. It was the most obvious thing for me, but it took therapy for me to connect the dots, but once I did, it was the most relaxing and refreshing feeling.

Good luck, you can get over it if you put your mind to it.

Keep searching for a therapist, you havent found the right one yet.

eh i’m sick of throwing money away for someone to pretend to care

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