kind of bored professionally

I’m not really growing professionally, there is no real promotion opportunity, although my pay continues to increase, nowhere remotely close to being "challeneged," and I feel like I’m wasting away.

I want to start my own business, but I’m afraid and naive. I want to continue to travel, but frankly I’ve done my job in recent travels, and essentially worked myself out of a job in that sense. I could go work somewhere else, but I won’t have the same authority level or pay.

I feel like I need to move to Seattle. I just worked up there for 2-weeks and I miss it. I’d love to score a job up there and move, but I must finish building my turbo miata first, then gather up enough cash to pay for the move.

Any thoughts on people who’ve been in this position before? I don’t want to look back on my late 20’s (27) and think I wasted it.
Gather up a lot… Seattle has a really high cost of living.
If you want to do something just do it… stop making excuses.
I’ve come to realize certain things in life and sometimes you have to do what your gut tells you is right.. what it comes down to is, are you doing this because YOU want to or is there a certain person making you feel the need to? Are you doing this because you know you have something lined up when you go over there or are you just going to save all your money and then hit the area up, move to some place and be at the same spot you are now wondering why you did it in the first place? you’ll be somewhere different and yet not have a job lined up and you’ll probably miss where you’re living now.. however, in life you only life ONCE, the point of living is to take some risks even if they scare you.. afterall, you can’t continue to live if you don’t feel like you’re going no where in life.. life is an adventure, seize life by the BALLS and go after your goals..

If you’re bored of work professionally and nothing is holding you back then DO IT, start your own business if it is what you want.. the ones that take the risk are usually the ones that succeed in life, everyone goes through difficulties.. the truth is, the ones that jump over those obstactles are the ones that truly make it.. you have to have your heart in the right place..

In the end, you make the ultimate decision..

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