Agoraphobia and Clonazepam – I need help

i have a history of mild social anxiety but have never been so bad that i needed meds for it. It’s always been more of a fear of talking in front of a big group or being the center of attention. I lost my job in January this year and since then i’ve become pretty agoraphobic. I start to feel like i’m gonna puke and start to think of a way out of the situation when i just think about going over to my parents house to swim, or having someone over for dinner. It took me like 5 months but i finally had my fiance make an appointment for me to talk with my therapist over the phone (hadn’t talked to him in close to a year) to try to get this under controll and they gave me clonazepam and told me to make an appointment to come in to the office next week.

My fiance picked up the clonazepam for me today in hopes that I can take it and feel comfortable enough to go to my cousins graduation party tomorrow afternoon. I was really nervous about even taking the pill after reading all the side effects and what not but after spazzing about it for most of the evening i finally popped one to see how it makes me feel.

I guess what i’m getting at is, i don’t understand how a little pill can make me want to go out to dinner or have people over if my mind is so set that it’s not going to work. I could used some reassurance from someone who has been in this situation. Reassurance that this stuff can/will work and i can get back to my normal self. I really do miss going out to the bar with friends or out to dinner which i haven’t done for almost 2 years now.

Any help you guys could give me to ease my mind would really really be appreciated.
You know when you’re drunk, and you just don’t give a fuck. And you’ll make an ass out of yourself in front of everybody.

Should have that kind of effect, except, you know, a lot milder. should slow down your mind, let you relax in situations you would be panicking/thinking to much in.

You know when you’re drunk, and you just don’t give a fuck. And you’ll make an ass out of yourself in front of everybody.

Should have that kind of effect, except, you know, a lot milder. should slow down your mind, let you relax in situations you would be panicking/thinking to much in.

i’ve never gotten drunk enough to make an ass of myself but i understand what you mean. I think i can handle that… or so i hope
What works for me is to stop thinking and just do it. The moment you start thinking is actually the moment you stop doing. Instead of Omg Omg Omg , just put your mind on blank and do it.

Then you see its actually meaningless to get worried over things.
I used to have the same thing before being prescribed xanax.

I never really thought drugs would help but they do immensely. For years I had pretty bad social anxiety and agoraphobia as a result. With a few benzos i’m almost back to normal and can function. Give it a shot then a real psychiatrist and go over your problems with him and hopefully they help you out. Beware though, most psychiatrists don’t like to prescribe benzos because they are highly addictive.

GL to you.
I had an issue a couple years ago where I was getting these panic attacks. I think they were associated with my arachnaphobia.
I would get wound up for whatever reason – and then I wouldn’t wind down.
It was like, I would see a bug, freak out and then for the rest of the day I would be getting spooked by shadows, I would be unable to think straight, I couldn’t make decisions.
The only thing that really set me straight was a good nights sleep.

My doctor perscribed me…. xanax (maybe, I get so confused with these drugs).

I found the stuff kind of odd in the way it worked.

Cause, it worked. When I was in a state like that I would take a pill and it calmed me the hell down. I still keep some around for emergency’s, even though I haven’t needed it for over a year.

What I found strange is that if I don’t need it, say I a just sitting around bored and I take one it really doesn’t do anything. Just makes me a bit sleepy.

I found this weird cause I have heard a lot about people getting addicted to these things. I thought there would be some sort of high if you didn’t need it. All I got was sleepy.
I think what you’re experiencing is quite common (a relative of mine once when through it). One really bad experience will set up a "what if" trigger (as she described it) in your mind that, when applied to any potential situation, incites panic or paranoia. A lot of people experience this in very low doses and either overcome it or develop it into their personality (naturally shy people).

Starting slow with small things, sometimes aided by medication (such as the kind you’ve been prescribed), will set a reversing lifestyle trend that will get you back to where you want to be.

But here’s the bottom line: Taking the medication is an enabler, you still need to take the baby steps towards the lifestyle you want. You can do it, it just takes time and patience. Start small by going and grabbing a coffee or some lunch, and build from there. I’m sure that soon you’ll be back to the bars splitting a pitcher with some friends.
You lost me Mustafa. Do you mean ‘enabler’ in a good way?

Most of the time I see that word it is very negative.

I know for me when I took the xanax it allowed me to get control of myself so I could resolve my problems. I suppose it was an ‘enabler’ in the way it enabled me to get beyond the panic and take control of the situation.
Yes, you’re right Stilgar1973, enabler often carries a negative connotation.

I mean here that medication, while an asset to the recovery process, is not the instant cure. It instead enables you to start taking the small steps towards social comfortability, which eventually will lead to the lifestyle you want. You can take the medication all day but fail to take the steps to begin the re-orientation process of social life, then you’re still stuck where you’re started off. Ideally, once confidence is restored, the need for medication should not exist.

Sheana: Just remember to start small. I remember my cousin started off going over to friend’s houses when she knew there would be less than 10 people there, hanging out until she felt comfortable enough to go get a quick lunch, and then eventually dinner, and so on until stadium seating at a football arena was not terrifying. It’s confidence in yourself that will be what helps you the most in this circumstance. Best of luck!
I went to my cousins graduation party over the weekend and i had absolutely no panic I took one of the pills before i left the house and then was fine for the rest of the day. It felt so good to be "normal" again. After a few more outings with the help of my meds i think i’ll be able to start going out without the meds as a crutch.

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