Fuck i just got laid off

after 8 years with the same company, surviving i dont know how many cutbacks, they finally got me today. supposedly 38 other key people got cut too.

perfect timing that i filed divorce about 30 days ago, and was in process of securing financing for buying a house to live in. so:

1) no house for me
2) still divorced and lonely

fuck, i just now this moment realized what was keeping me going… was work. going there m-f has really been keeping my mind off the exwife (and step son), while weekends have been killer sitting here by myself.

fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

i just hope i can find something soon before the severance package (3 months) ends. ive already got an appointment with a headhunter on thursday. these people have called me like 3 times a year for the past 5 years, and ive always politely declined, that i was happy where i was. hopefully, they will still be able to come thru with something for me.

wish me luck!
Sorry about that man. Your def right about work keeping your head off things. My only advice is stay as active as you can and spend time with friends.
that sucks, been there done that. Good luck finding another job, just stay busy and hit the pavement as they say.
Fuck dude, so sorry to hear Got the "heads up- you’re probably gonna get laid off soon" speech today too. Good luck out there big guy.
man, like my entire adult life, ive been like han solo or something… a never ending supply of luck. ironic that it all tumbles down at once. on top of what i mentioned above, was that i took a 401k loan for $9000 just a few days ago. on the 15th of this month, i was going to pay off the entirety of my credit card debt, so that i would only have a house payment and (what i call static bills… power, cell phone, student loan… bill that never change and are always there and not for something i bought or consumed).

thankfully, the 15th didnt get here yet, and i still had the 9000. i called fidelity and scheduled the payoff, and its on its way back to them now.

it all just keeps getting better and better!

i WISH i could have had one of those. i took my 401k loan because i felt as stable as possible at my job… and i also just wasted about a 3 weeks of my realtor’s time.

sorry to hear this man….when it rains it pours huh?

The good news is 8 years sure shows that you’ll stick with a company even when things aren’t going well or when people are being laid off. That speaks very well of your character. Someone will surely pick you up soon. Have faith and stay positive!!
they don’t call it rock bottom for nothing. ;] believe me, i understand how you feel.

you know the best thing about being at rock bottom? there’s only one place to go: the TOP!

believe me! stay positive and one day, things will all just… click. i can speak through experience
The good news is that you ONLY waisted 3 weeks of your Realtors time and didn’t sign any papers you couldn’t get easily out of.
The good news is that you didn’t spend any of the 9K and it was as simple as sending it back to the bank.

The timing could have been worse.

I can’t speak for you, but in my life I often need a good swift kick in the ass to get me to do things that I should have been doing.
You won’t be out of work forever. Immediatly times will be tough. No doubt about it this will be a summer that will be harder then most.
But 2 years from now you will have a different job, you will have new friends and you will be making more money.
You will look back at this and be glad it happened.
i just hope i can find a full time job before at least the final week of july, as my apartment lease ends on the 31st (and realistically, it needs to be by the 1st or 2nd week of july, since apts are rarely ready or available in just 3-5 days). i have to move out of here anyway, and logically, id like it to be in the vicinity of wherever i’ll hopefully land a job. so ive got about a 5 week critical window before i have to activate one of the many offers from friends to come stay with them a while. props to my friends… they have really been there for me thru this entire messy 5 weeks.

thanks for all the encouraging replies guys and gals, i do really appreciate them.

Oh FUCK. That sucks a big wad.

Really though, maybe this is the launching point for something great?

hehe, yes, this would be the appropriate time!
Well you know what they say, when misery comes, it all comes at once.

Hold on ,even tho its hard
well that sucks. Sorry to hear that. It happens to everyone sooner or later and it was jsut your turn. I;ve had 5-6 companies go out of business on me. lol

I was working for a steamship line in Jacksonville Florida a few years ago. I and the office manager were not on friendly terms. She was nasty woman, a drunk, a coke freak and extremely lazy. I was busting my tail because I loved my job. It was more of a hobby then work. Well since she was the sales manager and office manager she was the manager of the office and since she came from Charleston SC where the regional offices were she had connections.

I was about ready to quit, but I decided to stick it out and find another job first. So I just renewed my lease on my apartment. Walked in to a my yearly evaluations ashoertly after that and this dingbat trashed the hell out of me.

I had never missed a day nor had I ever been late and often worked Saturday mornings on my own time for 3-4 hours. She called my attendance average. I was pissed She very rearelty came to work until 11 am and themn left at 230 and thit the bars. So I told her where to stick her evaluation and that was pretty much the end of the job. I sent a scathing letter to the regional managment and to the president of the company. I opissed them all off. LOl.

I looked for work for three months – nothing! It was Christmas and the New Year and everything was dead and it was hard because I ahd moved there from another town and didn’t have that many connections.

Then I broke my leg in two places, dislocated my ankle and shattered it. Had to have surgery and bolt everything back together. I had no medical insurance so I was stuck with the bill. All the while this witch would call me and cheer that I was hurt and out of work

Then after months of therapy I walked into a place and was hired. I effectively doubled my salary, had full benefits, was put in charge of two departments and had a number of people working for me.

The best part of the deal was I got to pull all the work my new employer gave my former company away. I love dooing that. Then I hired some of their people away and effectively dismantled their operation for several months. I was having a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. They would hire a new employee in the office and if they were any good I would hire them away. Got five peole that way.

So you see, hang in there and believe it or not that proverbial "other door" does open. And you will be better off in the end. Just remember as soon as you begin your new job start quietly looking for your next job and a move up the ladder.

No such thing as employee loyalty any longer and employers have no loyalty toward their employees. In fact I have noticed when times or rough the best workers are let go while those who were slackers were kept around. Life is sometimes ironic.

So good luck. hang in there and you’ll come out on top.
was it idearc by chance? look into some consulting companies in the area, they are growing if you are in IT

you sound like a solid guy who just had a spat of bad luck in a short period of time.

assuming you had a good (professional) job with a good set of transferrable skills, you’ll do ok. just keep your head up.

my aunt got laid off right after 9/11 from her bank in nyc. had a new job in a week despite the financial sector recession then. you’ll be ok my man.
Oh man that sucks. Yeah, a lot of people I know are getting outed by their jobs. But I’m sure you’ll be able to find a job soon. Any news from the other people yet? Hopefully they still have a spot open for you. if not, I’m sure there will be other opportunities waiting for you. You sound like a well committed guy when it comes to your work and I’m sure companies like to see that in the people who they are looking to hire.
What’s your area of expertise if you don’t mind my asking?
go sell hybrid cars while you wait for a job in your field.

UNIX (of all types), and datacenter disaster preparation and recovery.

I was actually feeling really really bad yesterday, truthfully i was fighting back the full on tears. everything that i truly loved or desired in life, has systematically been denied to me in very quick succession. all this despite i had a visit with a recruiter yestereday morning, and i could see his excitement over my UNIX background, and i was just decucing that he had never actually met someone to give their UNIX skills test to. i killed this 53 minute test in 9 minutes, and scored siginificantly higher than their national average. and then after i got home from that, it wasnt long before someone cold-called me from my resume on monster, asking of me about the same skills. reguardless of how things were looking up, i just couldnt shake how every solid thing in my life, down to even what i felt was my own foundation, just crumbled to pieces totally out of my control.

i spent the night over at a friends house, drank some beers and ate cheese tacos and later chinese take out… i was just telling him all this shit thats happened to me, about all these things that i truly love in life and how they have quickly been denied. i was telling him, that when i was a deeply spritual man, there was always the reality that when God wants to really get your attention, he will break you down, as absolutly low as you can go, before rebuilding you back up again, completely new. that absolutly must be whats happening to me. maybe this is my calling to start going back to church again, like when i was younger.

ha, i just realized im living a pretty fair modern version of the book of job.

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