Lonely at work

I’m in maintenance at work. Usually guys run around and tagteam jobs. I enjoyed doing that when I was on emergency calls, especially when I was with someone I enjoyed being around. A year and a half ago I and this other guy interviewed a job installing machinery here. It’s a temporary maintenance position, about 2-3 years probably. Well, I worked with him for a little over a year and got to be pretty good work friends with him. We even got sent to St Louis for some training one week and had a blast. He ended up getting a job at another place and has been gone for over 6 months now. From day one, I’ve missed working with him. They haven’t filled his position and probably won’t. They just placed extra demand on me. The work isn’t even what bothers me, it’s just the fact that I work mostly by myself every day and don’t have much contact with others. I used to look forward to going to work and basically hanging out and talking while we worked on stuff. Work was actually fun. Now when I think how it used to be working with him and compare it to how it is now, I get almost choked up. I feel completely alone here most days

I thought you posted this before?

Am I having deja vu?

Talk with management and tell them, that hiring another person would increase your productivity and that it would make you a better employee as well.

I guess I’m the opposite. I love when I don’t have to see anyone. I love having the peace and quiet to work alone. I love being able to finish projects uninterrupted. Maybe you can look at this as an opportunity to try to grow, rather than a place to socialize. He did what was best for him and now you need to do what’s best for you.

My recommendation would be looking into what you can in order to bring the social life to you. Perhaps if you find more interesting people to talk to on Facebook or whatever and carry a cellphone around with you you can build relationships with people in your in between time at work. Also audio books can make it feel like there is another person there teaching you things. We really have to learn to adapt, nothing is constant. It’s very rare that we get into a situation where we can work with a friend for long periods of time. We have to find other options that work for us.

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