Gout made me quit drinking.

Anyone else quit because of physical pain? Now I’m seriously into nutrition. I’ll know in a year if this works. It was extreme pain kicking in every winter until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I guess, eventually. You’ll know pretty soon if you’re addicted to alcohol!

I’ll never know because I quit. I quit everything that causes gout. If I don’t get gout next winter then it was all worth it.

For the record: I drank as much as I could.

My god damned toe swelled up today. crippling!

i had a suspected case of gout in november, still drink and do whatever and it hasnt come back yet

still sober?

yeah, at least for a year…may never drink again. some people get past gout and then drink again, but mine was too severe.

I had a bad flare up once and had to see a doctor about it. I have a bad habit of buying mushrooms from the store and eating the whole box before it goes bad, which are just LOADED with purines so it really screwed up my toe. I thought it was broken or something.

Usually taking a boatload of Ibuprofen helps. I haven’t had anything so bad I couldn’t walk since that first time.

mine was so bad that it kept me off of my feet for about 5 days… but it hasnt flared up since

but since then ive been excersising alot and drinking alot less as well as cutting down on red meat

That sucks. Try the cranberry juice and the MMJ. Worked for me.

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