What would you do?

In my family, my mother and her sister are ridiculously close and we’re (the rest of the family) are always convinced that they are this vicious evil duo. They’re always super catty together and talk shit about everyone and everything.

I’ve always had problems with them treating me like scum really, but I always shake it off. Last night at work my uncle came to visit me and we had a little chat about the two bitches. It’s kind of a vent system. We can talk to each other about how much those two piss us off. He was telling me how much shit my mother and aunt have been talking about me lately and that it’s like they never say anything nice about me anymore. They make up stuff about me and just make pure contradictory comments.

Apparently I’m the most lazy piece of shit in the state of Massachusetts. However, I work more hours than any of the two in an entire week. I think it’s pretty ignorant to undermine the work ethic of your own daughter/niece while you yourself don’t do jack shit. The list goes on about what they say about me. That’s just an example.

What would you do? I don’t care if they don’t like me, but it would be nice to get them to recognize that I’m not some useless waste of flesh I just want a little respect from my own goddamn family. (sorry for the read)
That’s so sad, I’m sorry. I would hate to think my own family memers would spend their free time ragging on me or other family members. Other than the work thing what other kind of shit do they say?

Why do you honestly think your work ethic is at question. You say you work a ton but was there a time that you were lazy? Or I guess didn’t work very often?

If I were you I’d confront them, but that’s just how I am. It might not do any good really, but at least you would stand up for yourself. You should be able to talk to your mother at least.
I guess the rare chance that I am home I don’t do much, but that’s usually because I’ve been working all day or I had come home for the weekend from school for a rest.

Another example would be my driving. For years I’ve never really been a driver and I’ve warmed up to the idea yeah, but my mother and aunt have taken it upon themselves to tell people that I’m terrified of cars and driving. I don’t mind driving anymore, but they complain how they have to taxi me everywhere. I really wouldn’t mind driving myself…they just don’t allow me to at all. Then they persist to tell people how scared I am to drive.

I remember when it was time for me to get my senior pictures taken my mother had taken me out to get some nice clothes for it. Even though the photographer picks out the outfits my mom and aunt wanted me to create outfits to see how it looked. While I was changing I guess they were going on about how stupid I am that I can’t put together a decent outfit with the simplest of clothes. (This is what my cousin told me who was in the room).

edit: I’ve found that I can only really talk to my uncle and my dad about it (and not even my dad sometimes).
Do you live at home? I’m assuming you do.

It sounds like the sooner you completely live and function on your own as an adult the sooner they will have less things to talk shit about. Whether you know it or believe it maybe you still come off as a child to them so they have free reign to talk shit about you (still fucked up obviously).
I am going to look for apartments for next summer. My uncle told me last night that I would probably be happier in the city since I wouldn’t have to drive (then I had to tell him that I actually don’t mind driving lol).

I’m not going to walk up to my mom at this moment and be like AYO MUM WHY YOU TALKIN SHIT ABOUT ME?? I guess I’ll just work as many hours as I can till summer is over and I’m back at school again.

p.s. I just noticed you’re from Tampa I love it there. I always go to Redington shores. (Thanks)
MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!

I moved out and it was the best decision I ever made. I feel normal for once and am happy

MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!

I moved out and it was the best decision I ever made. I feel normal for once and am happy


Gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes family isnt the best thing to be around. Heck, I became closer to my family than ever before when I moved out on my own.
Stand up for yourself. Your mother and aunt sound like verbal bullies. They will continue to bully you until you stand up for yourself and tell them to fuck off.

Ultimately move out and only visit them during holidays. You don’t need to the extra stress of your family putting you down and treating you like shit.


Gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes family isnt the best thing to be around. Heck, I became closer to my family than ever before when I moved out on my own.

Were they like not nice to you and now they treat you better since you’ve moved? Or is it that you’ve just become closer in general?

I moved away because my parents annoyed the hell out of me (Mostly their nagging and trying to know about every detail in my life, which I HATE sharing with my parents). And my dad wanted me to drive him (sometimes) because he doesn’t have a license.

So as you can tell I felt used and also I felt that it was my time to go.

I don’t know if you get closer in general.. I see my parents about twice a month if i’m in the area and decide to drop by. I live 10 miles away.
Move out ASAP. Don’t wait until next summer, that’s way too long. Get a place with some friends, if you work as much as you say you do then you should easily be able to afford it. Do yourself a favor and get some counseling too. I’m guessing them treating you like that your whole life has caused you to have low self-esteem now.

My parents treat me a lot better now than they did when I moved out 7 years ago. They didn’t talk to me very much when I first moved out but then they came around and started treating me a lot nicer when they realized that I was able to function just fine on my own.
Dude I don’t even care anymore. I just got in a car crash and I’m just happy to be alive. F all this stuff. I’m just so glad I’m still here.
Yeah kind of an odd turn of events. Stuff stops mattering when a car is coming at you.
I’d fuckin smack the bitches.

That’s how I finally sent my mom the message that I wasn’t putting up with that shit when I was a kid.

She still does it, tho. Bitches don’t learn. You’re best off disassociating from them completely regardless of how important or influential you consider them to be in your life. Find some supportive friends or family & leave that fucked up shit behind.
My sister is like that. I believe she’s a pathological liar and couple that with a severe chemcial imbalance. She’s already ripped our family apart with her loose lips. I won’t have anything to do with her anymore. She is dead to me.

What has she said if you don’t mind me asking?

Way too much to post. Basically nothing positive or true has ever come out of her mouth. She has a hot temper and a bully-type personality. She’s the person in our family who will accuse of you of saying/doing something you would never dream of doing and pit you against others with "he said/she said" shit. And if you called her out on it or if you told her to fuck off if she tried to tell you what to do…look out!

A few examples of her lies include:

– when she was 16 she told her best friend’s parents that our parents were abusing her

– when I was 6 or so she told our parents I was behaving in a sexual manner around her boyfriend (I had no clue about any of that stuff back then and my parents never told me about the birds n the bees til I was 11 )

– she accused me of telling her stepchildren filthy jokes and talking about sexual matters with them (they were 6 and 4 at the time, I was 10, and still had not been told the story of birds/bees)

– she accused my brother of doing $40K in damage to her house when he was renting it from her. She claimed later on she had to reduce the price of her house by $60K when she was selling it

– she accused our mom of purposely giving her and her husband a bed with a bad mattress to give him back problems (WTF??)(my mom did give them a bed and it had a brand new mattress still wrapped in plastic!)

– she accused our dad of conspiring to have a hitman take out her husband

– she told her kids that I was kicked out of my 4H riding club for abusing the horses. (funny I continued to ride for another 3 years after she said that I left at 16 because I was getting more involved in school activities, had a job and was saving up for a car)

the biggest for me is:

– her 2nd husband told her kids that our dad hated our mom so much that he let his cancer go so that he would die and be free from her. My dad had already been dead for 7 years when they got together…how else would this guy know anything about our dad to say anything about him if she hadn’t have opened her goddamn mouth?
Yup it is The sad thing is she has come crawling back on a few occasions, things went ok for awhile, then she started her shit again.

When she married the 2nd husband (1st one was killed in a car accident 10 yrs ago) she told him all kinds of shit. 2 months after they were married she was in the hospital for surgery, and our mom, trying to be the supportive mother, showed up at the hospital just to be there for her before she went under the knife. While in surgery, her husband (#2) started going off on my mom about why didn’t the family help her (my sister) when her 1st husband was beating her, why werent we there for her for this and that (a bunch of alleged events we were unaware of) and why didn’t we do something about my brother (who was supposedly damaging her house). We had barely met this guy once when she brought him home (she eloped with him only 4 days after they met) and here he is yelling at our mother.

After this incident I refused to have anything to do with her. The husband ended up moving her and her kids out of town and she estranged herself from the entire family at that point. It wasn’t until her oldest son turned 18 and found us 2 years ago that I found out about the last comment re: our dad hating our mom and letting his cancer go.

He has since divorced her, and now she’s trying to weedle her way back in again. I’ve made it very clear to the rest of my family that I will have nothing to do with her and that she is dead to me, and that they are idiots if they let her fool them again with her newest "starting a new chapter" story. Her kids are welcome (none of this was their fault) but she is not.
That is absolutely horrible. I hope you avoid her at all costs now. I don’t see what drives a person to do such things like that. Some people say it’s just for attention, but it doesn’t take THAT much to get a little bit of attention. Hell there’s hotlines you can call if you need someone to listen to you. You don’t have to ruin lives to get attention.

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