Addiction/Recovery crew- this is a great example of addiction in action

It’s been crazy watching his downward spiral on YouTube, and when you learn his background, the denial is so intensely obvious. Sober 6 years, relapses, wife boots him, lives in garage, goes homeless, makes money off eating things on YouTube and lives in a Motel 6, sees no problem.

I can’t watch him consume all those things so I stopped half way through.
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Troubling point in life. 22

I’m not working, slowly running out of money, my girlfriend feels that it’s not good either obviously. It’s really slow in the winter to be working at a nail salon. I can’t sleep, I play too much pokemon/dota(I’m Asian) because life is losing it’s excitement, she seems to be on edge and attacking me late(I’m trying not to be a dick back), I feel like I’m lacking real friends or ones that I could rely on, they all have problems of being too lonely or drunk, none of them are worrying about progress, I don’t want to die poor or working my ass off doing a shitty labor job, I don’t see anyone fit enough for me to lean on right now. I feel stagnant, uneducated, stupid, like a loser. I don’t know what to do, school is expensive, I can’t trust myself with having a debt over my head, I want to leave everyone behind and start over or take some time off and head to Seattle with work with my friend under his dad’s company. I’m 22, I feel unaccomplished, I live at home, I don’t know what to do, how to move forward, trying not to hurt people if I leave. Also my doctor says nothing is wrong with me but I can’t sit, walk, run, too long without having a problem with stomach. I feel unbecoming/juvenile. I know it’s a lot but I just wish there was a clear path.

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Ever have an intervention with an older relative? What happened?

Not getting into details here, but I have a relative who is about to kill herself from overexertion related to a "hobby" of sorts. She’s far too old, has no help, and I expect that unless she stops someone will find her dead.

We have openly "hinted" that she needs to stop. She gets very defensive and says we’re against her.

I struggle with the balance between letting her do her own thing and putting a stop to it before her inevitable death. I very much believe that she should have the freedom to do what she likes. But this hobby consumes her meager resources (a future problem for family, i.e. me), and I personally think it’s an escape of sorts from her otherwise unhappy and unfulfilled life.
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Breakups and lingering thoughts that accompany them

I’m 22 years old and just recently got out of a 1 year relationship that was rocky at best. It was a fun, heated, relationship from the start and digressed into something miserable and toxic for the both of us. We both are young and on our way to college educations and agreed to base our 20s on the fact that neither of us wanted children, and we both wanted to travel and explore the world for the better part of our youth before we settled down.

My question relating to this relationship is how have you guys dealt with unresolved questions or feelings about the relationship, other than stuffing them down and forgetting about them? What I’m referring to are a few instances that I’ll talk about here. At the end of the relationship my girlfriend started acting very oddly. She became distant, looked kind of down and upset at times for no reason, and had extreme mood swings. She always had mood swings, but not in this way. Her attitude towards me would flip at the drop of a hat. I knew something was up, but I wrote it off because her grandfather whom she was extremely close with was very ill and in and out of the hospital. She attributed it to this, as did I. Then, one night she was going to her best friends birthday party. We had talked previously about it and she had mentioned that I should come up to the bar where they were. As I’m at work I text her and ask what’s up and what I should be doing after I get off. Nothing. I get done, give her a call, nothing. I shoot her another text. Nothing. Now before you say this and that about phones and such, she is the type of girl to have her phone glued to her hand in any other situation, and this in fact had caused many fights before. So I decide to walk up to this bar, which is literally a stones throw away from my house. It always worried me when she drank, because we’ve had incidents in the past with booze. She’s the type of girl to have 2-3 drinks and absolutely lose her goddamn mind in every way. She will go from an absolute horny mess all over me to drunken rages SCREAMING and yelling, and therefore she cut it out of her life. So I walked up, and found her. She was with her friends, but absolutely plastered. To make a long story short, the night ended with her screaming obscenities at me and us breaking up.
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Quitting job at the end of the year to run my business full time and I’m terrified

I’ve had my company for a few years now, but it has been hard to grow working a more than full time job. Especially since I’m not very aggressive in terms of sales on account of my self confidence issues. With that said, I decided that I’m not going to really go anywhere in life unless I finally take the leap and run my business full time. My current job has no opportunity for advancement, but it is easy, flexible, great perks, and the like. I’m in a great niche, and all my clients LOVE me, and I provide a great service at a great value.
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Have I just become bipolar?

For the past 19 years I have been struggling with low energy levels, low mood and lack of motivation, to the extent I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which I disagreed with) I saw several psychologists in this time, but they all failed to recognise the signs of depression, as I wasn’t feeling sad most of the time – just tired and flat.

I have had a number of depressive episodes in the last few years; these were caused by frustration and despair over my ongoing health issues and social problems (isolation, being single etc). The depressive episodes were of low to medium severity, lasted around a week or two and always improved on their own. I didn’t mention them to my doctor as I thought of them as a more-or-less "normal" reaction to my situation.
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Lonely at work

I’m in maintenance at work. Usually guys run around and tagteam jobs. I enjoyed doing that when I was on emergency calls, especially when I was with someone I enjoyed being around. A year and a half ago I and this other guy interviewed a job installing machinery here. It’s a temporary maintenance position, about 2-3 years probably. Well, I worked with him for a little over a year and got to be pretty good work friends with him. We even got sent to St Louis for some training one week and had a blast. He ended up getting a job at another place and has been gone for over 6 months now. From day one, I’ve missed working with him. They haven’t filled his position and probably won’t. They just placed extra demand on me. The work isn’t even what bothers me, it’s just the fact that I work mostly by myself every day and don’t have much contact with others. I used to look forward to going to work and basically hanging out and talking while we worked on stuff. Work was actually fun. Now when I think how it used to be working with him and compare it to how it is now, I get almost choked up. I feel completely alone here most days

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I would like advice on what the rest of you are going through and what you think I should do in my situation.

I make approximately 41,000 per year.
11,000 of that goes to taxes.
I get back about 1,300.

I have other expenses such as property tax, food, bills, and the same things all of us have to pay for.

I do not qualify for medicaid.

I submitted a hardship exemption application into the marketplace on January 4th. The application itself stated they would get back to me in 1-2 weeks. I have since called 2x per week since January 20th. All the representatives maintain that they have no information.
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Do you have questions about AA/NA 12 Step Meetings? *open thread*

A lot of people are curious but don’t know what to expect. Instead of trying to tell everyone everything I can think of, I’ll just answer questions.

*open thread*= questions are asked by anyone, not just people who may have a drug problem. Friends/family/coworkers welcome.

Stickied. And if you want to ask a question anonymously feel free to PM me and your identity is safe and I will ask the question for you.

^^^ Sweet

I know a lot of peeps appreciate this kind of thing. Thank you!

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My manager is making my life hell.

So, I work for a woman that has serious boundary issues to the point of being unprofessional. I sometimes call her on it which naturally only serves to inflame the situation as she becomes angry for days or weeks afterward. But I do need to make her aware that her behavior makes me uncomfortable.

To give you an idea of the extent of the issues, here are a few things she’s said/done:

– she offered to send Mormon missionaries to my home after my mom passed away.
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